Monday, April 21, 2008

Morning Paper's - Monday - "It's a Scene"

My painting came out great! It took several hours last night and was made even more interesting by the fact that I invited my 4-year-old to paint with me. As soon as I find the card reader for the camera, I will post the pictures of "during" and "after." It was actually pretty gloriously messy, and I am probably the only mommy on the planet who would let my kid play with acrylic paints... but he did great and I am really proud of what we painted. It is--of course pretty contemporary and abstract, but also a burst of color in my sitting room to inspire me to great writing (or, um... web surfing as the case may be). Nate named the painting "It's a Scene" which is probably more an accurate description of how we looked painting it - two wild, painted humans--he stripped to his underwear (it was permanent paint of course....) and me with my hair piled high, barefoot and possessed by my inner artist.

It was a phenomenal evening. I had forgotten about how I enjoy the creative obsession that I have for painting.

(oh and.... yes Pete.. I did sorta, maybe, just a bit start reading chapter 2 of the Artist's Way this weekend...)

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

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