Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Congrats Mom!

My mom, Kathy McParland, is absolutely remarkable. She has been a paramedic and an EMS instructor for years - and has taught thousands of people life saving skills with classes in CPR, AED and EMT.

Mom runs a training compant called CERTS, (Community Emergency Response Training and Service).

Today the local Rochester paper recognized her with this article:


Mom also has a Web site, one that I will eventually get around to redesigning... at www.cert-service.com

Til later,

Meghan Wier
VP Business Development
SEO Specialist
Rochester, New York

... see I included the signiture that time!

Monday, May 30, 2005


I just left a rather lengthly posting and blew it away before I saved. I should know better.

So here is the short version...

Topics of interest this week:
Writing a Book
Multi-level Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Adwords Campaigns
Retail, gifts, sold online
Accounting Companies
Paperless Office
Lean Manufacturing
Kidney Foundation

The Kidney Walk is in two weeks! Geez - I need to start getting sponsors.

Lots to do - and I am procrastinating - but I wanted to make sure I linked back to my site today--and included a "signiture" on the bottom of the page.

Note to self - always include links back and signiture...

Meghan Wier
VP Business Development
SEO Specialist

(Ever wonder if there is too much information out there about people? I do. I appreciate it when I need to research a person I'm meeting with... but it is a little scary for me to have it out there on me...)

Friday, May 27, 2005

Crazy Week

Another crazy week is almost over. It of course does not mean that the week *actually* ends--I will of course continue to work through the weekend, but at least a few people stop working, hopefully long enough for me to catch up.

It was a week of connections. Making new connections, and reconnecting with old contacts and friends. I even got the chance to re-connect with someone I see everyday - but sometimes lose touch with...that is always nice.

I also finally joined LinkedIN--after a dozen invitations, I broke down and took the time. And of course - now I kind of like it, just like I do with new car styles...I often do come around. I just don't like change. I also put a high value on my contacts. Contact information is my most valuable resource - and I am not going to share that with just anyone!

Luckily LinkedIN won't share the addresses with people directly, if someone wants to contact one of my "connections" they have to go through me. So I am a lot more comfortable connecting into the network, and I see the value in it as a resource.

I think that is what the internet is really doing - creating a means for people to connect in a disconnected world. The Internet - through email, instant message, Websites, blogs, and complex relationship mapping-- connects people - and people with other people. Six degrees of separation no more....

In LinkedIN? look me up.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Damn that blasted Internet

When did it happen??? When did I get so dependent on Technology? Over the last few weeks I have gone through two new computers at work that needed to be set up, and the slow death of by beloved laptop I use to work from home. I nearly went crazy not having immediate access all the time - and even worse having to load up all my little "pet" programs like Web Position and Office, and downloads like updates for WebTrends and Instant Messenger... not to mention all my little browser toolbars, icons, settings, favorites...

ug. Today the Internet connection into the office is on the fritz. I guess the building connection has been having issues all week and while I have Road Runner here at home, I cannot access the exchange server to get my email or get to the office through the VPN, (of course I haven't yet gotten that all set up on the new laptop so it is rather a moot point.)

And so, I sit at home - helpless. It is a nice day--sunny and warm. I could go outside and relax, and yet here I am, waiting and waiting to get reconnected with the world, to join the matrix, to interface with the WWW, to get lost in the news tickers and automatic updates, the email, pod casts, spam... When did I become so dependent? Is there an addiction program for this??

Saturday, May 14, 2005

A really nice Saturday Over All

Baby was good enough to sleep in until 6:30. Hung out with the little guy until 9:30 and then got ready to go help my mom out. Mom teaches EMTs, and today was the big "practical exam". Mom's company, C.E.R.T.S. trains an absolutely amazing amount of people in first aid, CPR, AED, and full classes like the EMTs from today. Mom is the best. Funny how you don't fully realize what your parents are until you are grown... mom's my hero.

... anyway went and helped out there for a couple hours and then came home and took a long nap while hubby took care of the kid. Great husband. Kid still cranky. Going through a separation anxiety phase... but that will soon enough be replaced with all the other phases, good and bad.

After the nap I made dinner. Long recognized for my "culinary"skills, I produced one of my famous beige meals.

Spent the evening as I spend most evenings... working. It is a good think I like working. I was able to get a lot done in our CRM program, BizTrak. The tool is really coming a long and it is helping us stay on track. John will be pleased that my "sales funnel" is so full. I even got a chance to send a bunch of follow up emails to my prospects.

Well, more later. I need to get back to my never-ending quest to be an SEO queen. - m

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My first posting

So... a blog, how very "now".

Rationale. The more I talked to my clients about getting the most from their websites, the more I realized that in order to fully harness the "power of the web" I would need to blog a bit myself. The attraction of this kind of forum is easy to understand. My initial thought was to keep this anonymous. But, that is too easy--to release content into cyberspace with no repercussions. Too many people do that. And so, I will share. It isn't always pretty--what is in my head. My head, and my life is a dizzying mess. A wonderful, interesting, overwhelming... dizzzying mess.

And so it is.

Me. Vice President of Business Development. BizNetix, Inc. Web design and search engine optimization company.

Where. Rochester, NY.

Now. May 2005.

Today. New laptop. piles of work to be done. Teething toddler. Car to shop for repair and oil change. Looking forward to tomorrow when all I have to do is work-- at least from 9-4. All bets are off after that when it becomes work, home, baby, husband, Kidney Foundation walk, March of Dimes Board, book. Writing book. Confessions of an Introvert. More on this later.