Tuesday, May 31, 2011

24 Hours n Stuff

I do not know who it was that pointed out to me that there are 24 hours in a day... but I seem to point it out to others rather frequently. It may be getting annoying.

In fact, I used some of one of those hours telling someone about it just now.

This "24-hour thing" is said not to dwell on the obvious, but to help focus on the important. Or at least the important stuff that needs to be kept to a regimented time-schedule. Because some stuff is so important, it doesn't matter how much time it takes. That said - as far as work goes - you best keep in mind you only get 24 total, and 8 of that is sleeping - 3 of that is eating and grooming, at least 8 of it should be spent with family & friends and doing that "personal time" stuff... and if my first grade math is correct, then you only get 5 hours for work. Better get working!

During some of today's allotment I updated a family blog, invoiced a customer and did some writing. I had 2 cups of tea and a lemonade. I cropped a picture of myself, went to Facebook about a dozen times and helped my mom file dba paperwork with the State of South Carolina. If I were keeping track, I would say I have about 3 hours into the work thing today. 3 hours of work a day would be good.

If you put it out there like that, I am doing pretty well for the day. That is except for the obsession with checking Facebook. That needs to stop. The collective ~30 minutes of that nonsense was very unproductive. Sorry friends. I could have caught up on your status' while watching Biggest Loser...

I have a lot more to do today. More to do than was done. But there is only 24 hours total and I have already used up a bunch. So now I am going to my kid's science fair, where an hour spent has significant value well above and beyond the 60 actual minutes. Then I will go home and play with the boys and cook dinner and revisit all this time-stuff later, when I have more time.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Quick Update: Meghan Wier

Meghan Wier - Author | Writer | Model...?
There has been a lot going on in "Meg-land" since I last posted here. But it is important to keep things up to date... or so I keep telling my clients!

I have launched a new Marketing Firm: Impact Marketing. We are a boutique firm with a focus on online marketing, website testing, SEO and graphic design. I am excited to be working with a great group of professionals on this and hope to grow the business in the coming year.

I have moved to a new BNI group (to accomodate my family schedule.) Ballantyne at 9 meets at 9am Mondays in Ballantyne.

Confessions of an Introvert is selling in China now!

I have contracted with Carolina Talent to do some print modeling here in Charlotte. I don't know where that might go, but I think I look like the typical "mom of two - author of book about introverts - business owner" -- whatever that is... I have it nailed. Seriously, this is just one of those fun things that I can say I did... I'd like that to be as long a list as possible.

As far as me being an insomniac... well, that seems to have been tempered a little by having a 2-year old in the house :) I sleep pretty well these days - thankfully! But there are still nights where the ideas race and I can't control them and lay awake plotting world domination... I am so lucky to live in a beautiful town with a great support system and a family around me. -- I wish the same for all of you.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Radio Interview: More Info

The self-promoting introvert has struck again!

Tomorrow I will be on the radio with Curt Smith from WXXI Radio somewhere from 2-3pm."Perspectives with Curt Smith examines all aspects of life that matter to Rochester and Upstate New York, ranging from politics, education and health care to sports, religion and the arts. Each week listeners will hear compelling conversations with interesting and important people"

--well...sorta important... or just a little important, or maybe slightly interesting, as they have decided to interview me! I will be talking about entrepreneurialism, Charlotte, starting a new business, my old business, social media, introversion... and we covered the Bible and Rolling Stone Magazine too...(really!)

I have already taped the interview and I can tell you it was like taking the verbal SATs! Curt Smith is a profoundly academic man, whose questions, I am sure, are always meant to stump me. Last time he interviewed me he asked my thoughts on the Third Industrial Revolution! I am not even sure I answered tomorrow's questions well, or even answered the questions he asked! BUT... it was a fun interview and I hope that you get a chance to hear it--if for no other reason than to make fun of my inability to be clever, witty, or articulate, (not that you need this opportunity for that!)

Airs: Saturday at 2pm-3pm on AM 1370 Repeats Tues. at 11pm-12am mid.Also airs Saturday at 7am-8am on WNED-AM Buffalo, NY

You can hear the interview streamed live on http://www.wxxi.org/listen, and there will be a podcast for those of you who have something better to do mid-day Saturday or late night Tuesday.So again-- the Social Introvert is exposed for the world - yikes.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

lazy day, crazy day PRIORITIES

Yesterday the family spent a wonderful day at a lake with some old friends. My big kid enjoyed tubing for the first time and the baby got to meet the fabulous woman who took care of his brother at almost the same age. It was a nice lazy day and a much needed no-technology day.

And then there is today, with an 8am mtg in Charlotte, NC followed by a haul down to Lancaster, SC for another mtg, then a LONG drive in pouring rain back to the "Tega Cay studio" for an interview with Curt Smith. Then a 45 minute drive back home in the rain, a quick change out of the "meeting" clothes into some "house" clothes -- another quick change after the baby decided I looked too clean, and several financial transactions (bills, logging time, etc) and now 5 minutes of Oprah before another change into a swim suit to go do my laps, (Triathlon coming up!) and then back to Tega Cay to see my Nephew for the first time.... (and his parents of course!)

Good news is that I have 2 new clients today and I am working through the pile of paper and to-dos... too bad there is not enough time in the day to get it all done.

Next week: Vacation
Following week: School Starts!!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Social Media and Today

I have had several interesting social media experiences as of late -- one that is particularly funny.

A friend of mine handed me a ridiculously BIG book about social media. Which in and of itself is funny -- a paperback version of an ongoing story about how we relate to each other online. Old school vs. new school in a single package if you will. Secondly, the book is pretty much the less self-deprecatingly funny much more elaborate version of the one I would like to write. Perhaps I need to go back to the drawing board.

That said...it is a good book. So I happened to post a Twitter "tweet" about the book and within moments the author of the book had re-tweeted, and thanked me for the post. Irony? Or is it, should it be... expected?

We are in the time and place where everyone is equal and accessible -- if only they are connected. It is a pretty awesome time to be networking, when we now have the ability to monitor not only the people we are interested in, and their somewhat mundane lives (for example: me and 1.6 million other people know that Ashton Kutcher's dog had a run-in with a skunk this week), but also what is being said about us. And we want them to talk about us... we need them to somehow to fulfil a need... even us.... introverts.

Awesome and scary. It will be interesting to see how this neutralizes celebrity, or exacerbates celebrity seekers.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Books-A-Million Book Signing: July 18th 2009

This past Saturday, I had a great book signing at the Books-A-Million on Steelcreek at Rivergate in Charlotte. It was a great time and many people stopped in to get their copy of Confessions and just to visit. Thanks to everyone who made it out to keep an introvert company!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Social Media and all my friends, followers and fans

Friday Night Commentary:

I broke down this week and finally joined the ranks of the "Twitter heads"...or is that "Tweeters"---I know it isn't "Twitterers".... because even for a made up word, that would be bad English...

I digress.

I had not signed up for Twitter before, not because I didn't see the value, or the appeal -- no, I did not think I had the extra hour in the day to check my incoming "tweets," update my outgoing "tweets" and collect followers. I had already spent significant time becoming a fan and collecting friends on Facebook. Updating my status has become near automatic, albeit still time consuming. But yet, I am a social introvert and therefore drawn to these methods of communication without the complicated and awkard face-to-face interaction.

Let me talk about that concept of "updating my status" - similar to tweeting, Facebook allows me to share with all my Facebook friends what I am doing or thinking at any given moment. Day, night, in the bathroom... wherever I have access to the Internet (and don't joke, people do update their status while doing #2.... weird, but that is just how attached we have become to The Matrix... ) AND who cares any way that "I am working", or "enjoying a cup of tea", or "on my way to the mall"? Funny thing is, they do, and we have become obsessed with being voyeuristic. AND for some reason uber sharing! We are oddlly compelled to open previously private aspects of our lives with everyone - or at least anyone who may be a friend, fan, or follower....

AND about that, "friend" thing. For some reason, we seem to have lowered our criteria for what makes a friend. Why is that? A Facebook friend for example need not be anyone you have ever met, or spoken with - you just have to ask, they have to accept, or vice-versa. Then there are those formerly known as acquaintances - there is no tag for "that guy I went to high school with who sat next to me in AP English, but I never really talked to" -- he is now a "Friend" too, same as mom, same as your best friend, same as your old babysitter, same as your grandma... and yes, all these people are on Facebook and Twitter too. The great equalizer...

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. It is super handy to be able to type a message into the little iPhone and let all 854 people on your Friends/Followers list that you have landed safely in DC and you are headed for the baggage claim. Although really only mom and the friend---real friend--- picking you up really care. But that is how we are now, unafraid to open our lives up in 140 character blurbs, making friends with the single click of a mouse and hearing the collective heartbreaking sigh of the world when it finds out that an icon and idol has left this mortal coil--all in bursts of blurbs and updates so loud we end up temporarily breaking our binding, cutting off the ability to reach out and share, and learn and pry and tweet.


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