Friday, August 14, 2009

Radio Interview: More Info

The self-promoting introvert has struck again!

Tomorrow I will be on the radio with Curt Smith from WXXI Radio somewhere from 2-3pm."Perspectives with Curt Smith examines all aspects of life that matter to Rochester and Upstate New York, ranging from politics, education and health care to sports, religion and the arts. Each week listeners will hear compelling conversations with interesting and important people"

--well...sorta important... or just a little important, or maybe slightly interesting, as they have decided to interview me! I will be talking about entrepreneurialism, Charlotte, starting a new business, my old business, social media, introversion... and we covered the Bible and Rolling Stone Magazine too...(really!)

I have already taped the interview and I can tell you it was like taking the verbal SATs! Curt Smith is a profoundly academic man, whose questions, I am sure, are always meant to stump me. Last time he interviewed me he asked my thoughts on the Third Industrial Revolution! I am not even sure I answered tomorrow's questions well, or even answered the questions he asked! BUT... it was a fun interview and I hope that you get a chance to hear it--if for no other reason than to make fun of my inability to be clever, witty, or articulate, (not that you need this opportunity for that!)

Airs: Saturday at 2pm-3pm on AM 1370 Repeats Tues. at 11pm-12am mid.Also airs Saturday at 7am-8am on WNED-AM Buffalo, NY

You can hear the interview streamed live on, and there will be a podcast for those of you who have something better to do mid-day Saturday or late night Tuesday.So again-- the Social Introvert is exposed for the world - yikes.

Meghan Wier
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

lazy day, crazy day PRIORITIES

Yesterday the family spent a wonderful day at a lake with some old friends. My big kid enjoyed tubing for the first time and the baby got to meet the fabulous woman who took care of his brother at almost the same age. It was a nice lazy day and a much needed no-technology day.

And then there is today, with an 8am mtg in Charlotte, NC followed by a haul down to Lancaster, SC for another mtg, then a LONG drive in pouring rain back to the "Tega Cay studio" for an interview with Curt Smith. Then a 45 minute drive back home in the rain, a quick change out of the "meeting" clothes into some "house" clothes -- another quick change after the baby decided I looked too clean, and several financial transactions (bills, logging time, etc) and now 5 minutes of Oprah before another change into a swim suit to go do my laps, (Triathlon coming up!) and then back to Tega Cay to see my Nephew for the first time.... (and his parents of course!)

Good news is that I have 2 new clients today and I am working through the pile of paper and to-dos... too bad there is not enough time in the day to get it all done.

Next week: Vacation
Following week: School Starts!!

Meghan Wier
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Social Media and Today

I have had several interesting social media experiences as of late -- one that is particularly funny.

A friend of mine handed me a ridiculously BIG book about social media. Which in and of itself is funny -- a paperback version of an ongoing story about how we relate to each other online. Old school vs. new school in a single package if you will. Secondly, the book is pretty much the less self-deprecatingly funny much more elaborate version of the one I would like to write. Perhaps I need to go back to the drawing board.

That is a good book. So I happened to post a Twitter "tweet" about the book and within moments the author of the book had re-tweeted, and thanked me for the post. Irony? Or is it, should it be... expected?

We are in the time and place where everyone is equal and accessible -- if only they are connected. It is a pretty awesome time to be networking, when we now have the ability to monitor not only the people we are interested in, and their somewhat mundane lives (for example: me and 1.6 million other people know that Ashton Kutcher's dog had a run-in with a skunk this week), but also what is being said about us. And we want them to talk about us... we need them to somehow to fulfil a need... even us.... introverts.

Awesome and scary. It will be interesting to see how this neutralizes celebrity, or exacerbates celebrity seekers.

Meghan Wier
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Books-A-Million Book Signing: July 18th 2009

This past Saturday, I had a great book signing at the Books-A-Million on Steelcreek at Rivergate in Charlotte. It was a great time and many people stopped in to get their copy of Confessions and just to visit. Thanks to everyone who made it out to keep an introvert company!

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

Friday, June 26, 2009

Social Media and all my friends, followers and fans

Friday Night Commentary:

I broke down this week and finally joined the ranks of the "Twitter heads"...or is that "Tweeters"---I know it isn't "Twitterers".... because even for a made up word, that would be bad English...

I digress.

I had not signed up for Twitter before, not because I didn't see the value, or the appeal -- no, I did not think I had the extra hour in the day to check my incoming "tweets," update my outgoing "tweets" and collect followers. I had already spent significant time becoming a fan and collecting friends on Facebook. Updating my status has become near automatic, albeit still time consuming. But yet, I am a social introvert and therefore drawn to these methods of communication without the complicated and awkard face-to-face interaction.

Let me talk about that concept of "updating my status" - similar to tweeting, Facebook allows me to share with all my Facebook friends what I am doing or thinking at any given moment. Day, night, in the bathroom... wherever I have access to the Internet (and don't joke, people do update their status while doing #2.... weird, but that is just how attached we have become to The Matrix... ) AND who cares any way that "I am working", or "enjoying a cup of tea", or "on my way to the mall"? Funny thing is, they do, and we have become obsessed with being voyeuristic. AND for some reason uber sharing! We are oddlly compelled to open previously private aspects of our lives with everyone - or at least anyone who may be a friend, fan, or follower....

AND about that, "friend" thing. For some reason, we seem to have lowered our criteria for what makes a friend. Why is that? A Facebook friend for example need not be anyone you have ever met, or spoken with - you just have to ask, they have to accept, or vice-versa. Then there are those formerly known as acquaintances - there is no tag for "that guy I went to high school with who sat next to me in AP English, but I never really talked to" -- he is now a "Friend" too, same as mom, same as your best friend, same as your old babysitter, same as your grandma... and yes, all these people are on Facebook and Twitter too. The great equalizer...

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. It is super handy to be able to type a message into the little iPhone and let all 854 people on your Friends/Followers list that you have landed safely in DC and you are headed for the baggage claim. Although really only mom and the friend---real friend--- picking you up really care. But that is how we are now, unafraid to open our lives up in 140 character blurbs, making friends with the single click of a mouse and hearing the collective heartbreaking sigh of the world when it finds out that an icon and idol has left this mortal coil--all in bursts of blurbs and updates so loud we end up temporarily breaking our binding, cutting off the ability to reach out and share, and learn and pry and tweet.


Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Why You Should Blog... and how Meg will present a presentation she wishes not to present but if for the oodles of business presenting garnishes

Don't get me wrong -- I like it when you read my blog too... but what I would like you to know is that there is significent value in writing a business blog instead of just reading them.

On Thursday, I am giving a 10-minute presentation on business blogging at my BNI chapter in Ballantyne (Charlotte, NC). Each week we meet and another member tells the group a little about what they do. This time, I am speaking specifically on blogging and why it is valuable for businesses. Here is a little preview:

BNI Presentation June 11, 2009

First I will talk about me -- and dazzle the audience with a few quick facts like the fact that I have a Bachelor's Degree in Theatrical Production Arts... and some of these other bullets:

· Toured once w/ Pop Cover Band: Nik and the Nice Guys
· Have held positions as a Master Carpenter, Statistical Analyst, Sales person for a sporting goods store, professional artist, event planner and fundraiser.
· Relocated to the Carolinas 2 years ago
· Wrote a book about business networking for Introverts
· In 2001 began work at a software company where I wrote proposals, white papers, requirements documents, and website content, business & marketing plans – sparking my love of business writing, then became VP of Marketing Web & SEO firm where I did sales
· I began writing more instructional (how-to) articles on SEO and web
· Wrote for the local Business Journal and Daily Newspaper Blog on community, networking and technology, did radio & TV as tech expert
· Gained recognition for my “Geek Speak” (translating nerd-talk into understandable terms for the less tech-savvy) Articles published in a local business magazine
· Currently I write e-newsletters, manage websites, do search engine consulting, copywriting and powerpoint presentations in addition to business blogging.

...all of which I am sure will get tons of "oos and ahs..." as clearly I am very interesting and have experienced a diverse set of experiences which make me uniquely qualified to blog...

Then I will dive right into the beauty of business Blogs... and will probably read the following paragraph, feel awkward about reading it and then try to make it sound like I am being extemporaneous and fail miserably. At which point I will make a self-deprecating remark and laughter will ensue. is that paragraph:

Thanks to the internet and free (or inexpensive blogging tools), any individual business owner or small company can have the same technological impact as the Charlotte Observer or the New York Times, CNN or Oprah. Through your blog you can become known as an expert in your field, and become sought after as a vendor, speaker, partner and resource. Having a blog is the strongest and best platform for sharing your ideas, best practices and expertise with the world.

"Whoa... Awesome" I will say, tying to pep up the crowd I am starting to lose... and then quickly and ungracefully, as I stumble around the ill-placed tables I will hand out 10 index cards--well 11 actually as the first one will be labeled:

"Reasons you need to blog"

Then I will ask 10 lucky people to read these cleverly worded, and fantastic reasons to blog. Some of which were parceled from other sites and re-worded slightly, something I hope will be considered more a complement to the original authors, than seen as plageristic - for that is never my intent... oh yes... back to the reading of the cards:

1. Blogging demonstrates your true commitment and passion for your industry—and you really have to show your commitment over the long-haul. Most people won’t be able to maintain a business blog over long periods of time, but those who do so are rewarded in recognition and credibility. Posting often and consistency is the key!

2. More than 147 million Americans use the Internet

3. Increase your reach beyond your company, town, and industry with a blog since it can be read from multiple places through syndication. Links and email blasts.

4. Your work should be working for you, building your reputation—not just a bullet point on a resume. (A blog is proof of your brilliance and expertise!)

5. Even your old blog entries are valuable and will be read years later—your work will live on and bring you new business for years to come.

6. A blog can increase your website traffic with links in and traffic driven your site will gain ranking and popularity with the search engines. Even if no one ever reads it!

7. You can influence your industry by being a thought-leader and demonstrating positive, actionable ways to make change all while carving out a name for yourself.

8. A blog can help build your personal network, and enable incredible connections with the world around you, (something not possible prior to wide-spread use of the Internet)

9. Your job is changing, and you might want to be involved in the process of what your new job will include—at your current company, or beyond. What do you want to be?

10. Over time, your blog will contain an increasingly rich and relevant wealth of information that will be a Google magnet. Thus, you will become more and more available to the customers you need to attract.

Then I will add in a couple witty and well written reasons that Blogs are great. I will also read these, but I will notice my time is getting short so I will paraphrase, smartly pointing the audience to this blog for the actual original paragraphs:

1 You can be a ROCK STAR by providing an unlimited amount of vital information in a single location. Because Web visitors are desperately seeking answers to their most pressing questions, you have the opportunity to provide just the right answers for your ideal target customers.

2 Blogs enable you to organize your information almost effortlessly to the benefit of your visitors by putting them into ‘categories.’

3 Unlike other social media tools, such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn, your blog is open to the entire world.

4 You can request visitors to register and offer them enticements such as a free e-book or eNewsletter – growing your prospect list while offering them beneficial information, (and positioning yourself as a subject-matter expert).

Then quickly I will point out the reasons to hire a Business Blogger... of course indicating that I would be an awesome choice for this...

Keeping up on writing your blogs and making sure that they are linked properly is a lot of work—often sometimes the internal marketing staff or small business owner is unable to do this while focusing on what they do best… run their business.

I provide a low-cost way to maintain a blog by:

· Creating all new content and posting regularly
· By supplementing your entries with keyword-rich and relevant posts
· By editing what you have written or modifying found articles in you voice.

Business Blogging has is a powerful tool for increasing traffic to a corporate site, informing the public, connecting with customers and sharing information in a casual and informative way. By utilizing a business blog writer, you can capture a pool or prospecting clients and fans, all while focusing on what you do best: Your Business.

Bow, smile, exit stage left.

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Book Signing Scheduled: July 18th


On Saturday, July 18th, 12-3 Meghan Wier will be doing a book signing of Confessions of an Introvert at Books-A-Million in Charlotte.

Books-A-Million #236
14151 Steele Creek Road
Charlotte, NC 28273

Stop by Books-A-Million on Saturday the 18th to get your copy of Confessions signed by Meghan Wier, or buy your copy on Amazon today!

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Once again... Sleep is Overrated

There was a time, in my own recent history, where I struggled with insomnia. The insomnia was so bad, I considered myself fortunate to get 4 hours of sleep every other day. This was an invigorating time, perhaps due to the mania the lack of sleep manifested, however, in that moment I found inspiration and brilliance and beauty. I saw the world in a new way, embraced the quiet and stillness and felt that the hours had been created by a higher power for my own bidding. It was, in short, a happy time in an unhappy time.

I have often secretly longed for that gift during that last 2 years of relative normal slumber. I was, at least I believed myself to be, profoundly productive during this time. I cared for an infant, I ran a business, I wrote a book... It was a mediocre book perhaps, but that was clearly due to my skill as a writer instead of lack of creative inspiration and a compelling subject matter.

To my point... I have recently experienced a similar level or sleeplessness - in part due to the expected arrival of our new family member, (and the other family members, although I have less control over that than I do my own, and believe me that is not much). In that sleeplessness, I have found I have somehow lost my ability to be productive during the waning night hours. It is a sad loss, a mourned loss. Age, distraction, hormone imbalance.... the cause of said un-productivity is unclear, but all the same true. As such, I am restricted to listening to my internal jukebox, stuck on an unfortunate, albeit delightful little tune: "Zachary hated Bumblebees..." from an apparent overly used children's CD currently in the car's disc drive. (Note to self: remove CD from disc changer).

I have hopes that either the lack of sleep situation is soon resolved (unlikely) or I can regain the mid-night productivity of yesteryear. Even if it was only perceived productivity, at least it came with some sense or brilliance and accomplishment to balance the droopy eyelids and kink in my back.

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Update

I have been working hard, albeit admittedly sporadically in the recent weeks to get blogs written and search engine optimization done. I have a full list of amazing clients and I am trying to keep them all well positioned on the Search Engines while balancing the launch of Confessions of an Introvert, and dealing with the regular life responsibilities of home and family - a family that will be expanding in a month or so with the birth of our second son.

Under the "exciting news" category: Metro GreenScape will be starting my "extreme landscape makeover" this week. I will have to take some before and after pictures, but I am looking forward to having that done (although we are doing it in a couple stages and may take several months to complete). When complete I will have, hands-down the best looking lot on the street.

The good news there is that my in-laws will be visiting at the end of the month and the front yard will be looking pretty snazzy by then -- something sure to score me a couple points, and for which I will take full credit, despite the fact that there is no way I could actually do any of the work myself. And that, my friends, is "outsourcing" at its best. There is outsourcing to be more efficient, and look better at work - and then there is the outsourcing that makes you seem like super-woman to the in-laws.... I believe whole-heartedly in both!

Along the same lines I will have to get some shopping done this week so that I will have food in the house for the aforementioned in-laws. They think I can cook, and I don't want to give them any impression that they are mistaken! (Note to self: write out recipes, pre-package food and cook & freeze like it is going out of style this week.... who needs sleep!)

This will be a busy week, although they all are at this point. My "new-normal" includes writing for medical folks, and real estate folks, financial people and home-services companies. Business blogging may just be recession proof, and for that I am grateful.

For all the people following, and the ones who have casually dropped by, please forgive me if I have been negligent in returning calls or emails, remembering birthdays, or playdates. A gentle reminder would be good if I have been out-of-touch. I would make excuses, but that would set false expectations that this state is only temporary, and I have come to peace with the fact that the days of lounging around the "office" for hours and being so inspired that the letters wear off the keyboard may be a thing of the past. Work is work, family is family, and life is life... all of which I happily have plenty of.

Visit me on facebook - where I may, occassionally, be responsive to requests, upload a picture now and then, and provide snarky comments on your status.

- Meg

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Social Media and the Introvert

I have been batting around the idea of writing about Introverts and Social Networking for a while now. And when I was ready to get writing, I posted a note on Facebook to ask for feedback. Of course immediately both of my parents (no doubt from separate rooms in the same house) commented back.

And that is where the beauty and irony of social networking get complicated. Two people in the same space communicating with a third person miles away almost instantaneously.

As an introvert, I like the idea of being able to connect with people on my own terms- to set up boundaries and avenues to communicate, to have immediate gratification and human interaction without the messiness of actual human interaction.

So does social networking bring us closer together, or further apart? The answer to that is likely in how you use it. Just as email was seen as a miraculous new tool for communication and at the same time, the cause for the degradation of our language skills. New media is untested, un-studied, un-understood. And yet utilized at uber-light-speed and spit out on a whim when it no longer meets our needs, or if a "new" fad comes along. It will be interesting to see where this social networking trend takes us, and if in the end the power is ultimately harnessed positively...

- meg

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Self-Promotion: How to Make the Most in a Down Economy

The idea--or the practice of self-promotion has never come easily to me. Mostly it is idea of it that is the hard part. Doing it is more a job, and I am try to be good at "doing my job."

This got me thinking about other people in similar situations who need to self-promote to gain the success they are seeking. It is not always comfortable to talk about yourself. And we all know people who do--and do it a little too much, making it distasteful. Yet if you are in the process of looking for a job, or trying to get a promotion, or selling a service--you have to be able to promote you.

Here are some strategies for self-promotion:

1) Use online social networking to your advantage - Blogger, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are all great ways to share with your contacts what you are up to. Stay active - keep things professional, but casual.

2) Network - Make a point of attending one networking event or meeting each week. This could be a one-on-one meeting with a contact or a bigger organized meeting. If it helps, block of a particular time each week that is dedicated just to networking.

3) Practice, practice, practice - The more you are able to speak comfortably and intelligently about yourself and what you do, the easier it will become.

4) Know what you want to say - What are the important points you would like to share with someone once you meet them? What makes you different from another candidate for a job? Why are you unique or better or more interesting?

5) Think of promoting yourself as your job - Sometimes looking at self-promotion as a "duty" will get you to just do it. It is after all something that has to be done. So go for it.

Self-promotion is not something to be shameful of -- You are worth the recognition! You can show modesty and humility while making others aware of your greatness.

Do you have any self-promotion tips? Feel free to share them here.
-Meghan Wier

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fabulous February

February starts on Sunday with much anticipated football game in the Wier house. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the team of choice and whilst I am neither adamant fan nor foe, I do wish, for the sake of the men in house, that they do not fail in their pursuit of yet another Super Bowl ring.

SO that is day 1 of February. The rest of the month is looking just as exciting, (at least for me, perhaps not for the Steelers). Confessions of an Introvert becomes officially available (although it technically hit the online stores this past week) and I am scheduled to do at least one radio interview related to that. If I get over my shyness and anxiety, at least momentarily, I will walk myself into a couple of bookstores and see if I can schedule a signing or two--which could be fun, or it could be mortifying...but good for the book nonetheless...hopefully.

The end of February will see me getting ready to go for a quick visit to Colorado to celebrate my sister's pending new addition. This will be quite an experience, as my own pending new addition is due mid-late April, and I am already feeling quite aware of the obvious timeline of the Spring months. ---that wasn't meant to be as cryptic as that came out...let me try again: I am pregnant and by the end of the month I will be enormous and crabby.

I have plenty of work-projects to fill the time in between the big events this month. Business blogging and copywriting are becoming very important to many small businesses as the economy staggers. While I am not complaining about having the extra work, it would be nice if the economy would stop staggering... But while I ride it out, I have plenty of writing to do--on subjects big and small: Charlotte Web Design, to Mint Hill Real Estate, Sports Marketing to Weight Loss... etc. Life is good, and I get to write. I can't ask for more.

(see how I stuck those targeted links in there... clever huh!)

I have to conclude this post, as Facebook and my Amazon ranking are beckoning me. Darn the Internet.


Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not for Everyone - the author licks her wounds after bad review

As a person (an introverted person you'll remember) who has decided to put herself in the "public eye" (so to speak), by publishing a book, and doing so with a book so personal... I should have been a little more prepared for the news today:

If you scroll down a bit you will find a scathing review of Confessions of an Introvert. Now, practically speaking, a scathing review is not unexpected. Many if not most books are not loved by all. There are so many books. There are a lot of BAD books that are best sellers, a lot of great books that are never read. I am lucky that mine, good, bad or mediocre has been able to be brought to the public, and been helpful -- or at least mildly entertaining -- to some.

...My book, as the review says is ...

"[suggestions] ... bland, obvious, often irrelevant and sometimes plain juvenile"


I guess my theory is that the best advice is often the most obvious - the most "juvenile". But I know for a fact that the advice I give IS relevant to some - a niche demographic that this reviewer certainly did not fall into--but all the same, some people do need to be told these things, some people do need to read this book...

In all honesty, I was initially a bit hurt by this criticism. However, throughout my life, I have been criticized many times. I am sure you have as well -- that is life. Strength comes from being able to objectively look at this as more "constructive" than hurtful.

Confessions is not for everyone, and potential readers should know that not all advice, anecdotes and funny stories in the book will touch everyone. If you choose to read the book, please take from it that which you find useful, and absolutely give me your feedback. If you like the book, let me know, if you don't let me know why. I can grow from each new experience, and this too is a learning opportunity for me--and an opportunity to be a better writer in the future.

...and my advice to the reviewer, if they would be so kind as to take it constructively... if you are going to write about an author, always confirm the spelling of their name first...

thank you.

Meghan Wier

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Books Have Arrived!

I arrived home this evening after a very long day of traveling to find a nice present on my doorstep... The copies of Confessions of an Introvert!

I have plenty to do this week, much writing and regular home stuff... but I will be working on setting up some signings and interviews as well.

It is very exciting to be able to share this wonderful news with you, and I hope that you get your copies soon as well!

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.

This is a long overdue "hello" to all. This year has been a great one, filled with lots of visits from friends, traveling and family. I am fortunate to be able to say that 2008 was great for me professionally as well, as I continued to grow my corporate blogging business.

The picture featuring my new pedicure is from this past week in Aruba. An absolutely wonderful vacation in a beautiful place. It was a great way to end the year.

I am looking forward to February when my book finally comes out. You can still get in on a good deal and pre-order Confessions of an Introvert from Amazon. As far as I know the release date is firm. I will keep you posted if I hear differently.
ORDER IT NOW... (subliminal message)

Other exciting news is the announcement of new client Metro GreenScape. An innovative landscape company in Charlotte that creates "outdoor living" spaces. If you want to check them out, go to their website today.
They made up a landscape design for my own property - which I think is a top-notch idea. They came out and looked at my yard and worked out a custom design with my requirements in mind (low maintenance, perennials, drought resistance), and put together a great look. Over the next couple months they will be installing the plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, etc. etc. I am so excited. But best of all, with the design, I know exactly what the yard will look like and have a guide book of where everything is and how to care for it. It is this kind of "above and beyond" that makes Metro GreenScape the premier landscape company in Charlotte. I will keep my own project updates posted here--but feel free to ask about it. I can't tell you how giddy I am about this design landscape project. And I invite you to come see my new outdoor living space.

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant