Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Black Hole

There is a black hole in my computer. Or maybe it is a time-warp. Or... a black hole that causes time warps? dunno. All I am sure of is that I sat down with my laptop about three hours ago and have yet to log any hours on my client time sheet.

That isn't to say that I haven't been writing -- even blogging. Done both. Just nothing billable, and frankly, I have spent a crazy amount of time just surfing. The Internet is an evil evil thing.

I did add my profile to the Ballantyne BNI website though -- that is cool...ish (not 3 hours cool, but still good). Check it out.

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If I wait to come out of the fog...

If I wait to come out of the fog, it just might not happen. Much blogging and organizing has taken place over the last few days, unfortunately, it is hard to tell from the outside looking in and none of it was done here and for my own personal gain. However, as the aforementioned was billable, I can't complain.

I had a lovely meeting today with the ever-outstanding and dashing gentleman, Rich Ferretti. I am a blogging maniac when it comes to real estate in Charlotte, and this is all Rich's fault. He may just be the only busy realtor out there right now, but he is doing something right, and keeping me busy to boot (see Rich's latest blog). He is such an incredible and wise man -- and I look forward to his take on the importance of attendance at BNI tomorrow.... and you better believe I don't dare miss that one :)

Company in this week, followed by a birthday party, Thanksgiving, a trip to Denver, Christmas and a trip to Florida. After that I actually think Mexico is on the agenda, although formal plans have yet to be made. Luckily business blogging is a go-anywhere kind of business and so I continue to blog, blog, blog (could they not have thought of a more elegant name for this?)
There will be more later although I can't guarantee if that means in the short term or not. I have neglected this personal blog as a time management necessity to write the rest. (See "billable" above), but will endeavour to update as a matter of course.

until later...

Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant