Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Can an Introvert Become an Extrovert?

There are a bunch of sites talking about how introverts can become extroverts and I thought I would chime in a bit ...I just don't buy it.--I think if you are shy, you can become less shy. I think you can be a shy extrovert. But I don't think that and introverrt can become an extrovert.

That said, there are lots of people who are introverts - all degrees there-of so there are some less introverted introverts. - On the other side - there are plenty of timid, shy, super-introverts with social anxiety... it all depends.

I am a proud introvert. Happy to spend quiet time by myself on occassion - but also happy to go out to a networking meeting and interact a little. Introversion is just defined by how one reacts to the interaction with others. Introverts may do it... but be exhausted by it. Enjoy it even... Extroverts will gain energy in the same situation.

Hope this helps clear it up.

- meg

Monday, December 26, 2005

Sick and Tired

I am a little worn down by the whole holiday thing today. I am sick. I have had this nasty little strep-like sore throat now since friday, and I have had enough.

It isn't that I didnt have a nice holiday--because I certainly did. It was great. I spent time with the family, My 2-year old son finally "got" the holiday, at least insomuch as he understood presents were for unwrapping and it is polite to "ooh" and "aw"when opening a gift. We had fun.

But back to me... I am sick. And being sick makes everything else miserable. I have a house full of nifty new things and I have hardly moved from the couch all day. I hate that. If I am going to spend all day on the couch it is because I have a lot to blog about, work to do on the laptop, or there are soap operas on... or all of the above. I am just not the "laying around the house for no reason" type.

But then, I must be feeling a little bit better because here I am, getting back on the horse (so to speak). I have not been a good little blogger lately, and it shows in my traffic and page rank on several of my blogs - not to mention the lengthy space between blog dates. A fair amount of time needs to be devoted to keeping these up to date, and I have been lacking on this. And with that I will add this entry to my new directive, to blog more regularly, 3 entries per week across my several blog responsibilities.

Some cool things about xmas - Nathan got a new toy box, and he seems to think is for playing in... but it is keeping him happy - happy baby = happy Meg.

Next cool thing is my new iRobot vacuum cleaner, which is one of those pieces of technology I wish I had gotten sooner. Who knew I would be so excited about a vacuum cleaner... but any mom of a crumb-making, cheerio-dropping kid would totally appreciate the turn-it-on-walk-away ease of this handly little appliance.

There are a ton of things that I need to get to - including my book marketing plan and laundry and SEO for my site and a ton of other clients - so I bet be going. But Happy Holidays to everyone out there. Sorry I was sick and miserable this weekend - but I do appreciate each and every one of you. Hopefully I will be back to my regular self tomorrow.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

There are some seriously crazy introverts out there!

Ok - I don't really mean crazy... I am not really going to analyze the sanity of others... tonight. And certainly being an introvert doesn't make someone crazy (it may make them normal). But Being a crazy introvert is still a possibility.

I have been seaching the blogosphere for ways to maket my book, reading other introvert's entries and the like and mostly they are people who are just figuring out that they are normal.. only they relate it to the world in their blogs as if it is the craziest thing in the world to want to be by themselves for a little bit.

So many of you out there (and myself included) need to come to terms with the fact that it is OK to take a walk, go read a book, take a nap in the middle of the day, or avoid the big company social gathering - it is OK. This doesn't make you anti-social (not necessarily, and if it did that would be OK too).

Being an introvert is just who you are. Just like being tall, or brown-eyed. Nothing you can do to change it, so you might as well stand tall, and get over it. Stop making excuses, and embrace that you can be yourself.

great idea, poor implementation

I have been waiting for my new t-shirt for a very long time. I was so exited when it arrived the other day. I can't really explain it, because really it is just a plain t-shirt, but it was special because I was amused by the irony of it was--you see the t-shirt clearly states "introvert". And of course that is funny, because by definnition, the introvert is not likey to wear a shirt bringing attention to themself. Well, except me--and only because I can see the unique marketing opporunities in doing so, given my book, not because I actually want people to see me wearing an "introvert" shirt.

So the shirt arrived and a got myself right down to the mall, where I could get my picture taken in the photo booth--That was my next brilliant idea you see... to have my picture taken in a photobooth where I could good off and be silly, but within the security of a private booth. Then I could use the picture on my website, etc.

So I went and sat in that booth and I couldn't do it... I could just not relax. The pictures show a stiff, uncomfortable person in a silly t-shirt. Arg. The introversion strikes again...

I will try again after the holidays...


Monday, December 12, 2005


So there should be some sort of a joke here: “An introvert walks into a bar…” But I wanted to send a special thank you to Brian in the “Last Call” bar in the Atlanta airport for keeping me company during my layover… your interesting conversation was much appreciated – and feel free to look me up if you ever find yourself in Rochester, NY.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

How to get 60 hours out of your 40 hour work week

Blogging at 10,000 feet, Continued. How to get 60 hours out of your 40 hour work week.

I have long been an avid user of background media. My television is almost always on, NPR plays on the radio while I drive. But I never actually just watch TV, or just listen to the radio. These are things that I do while I do other things. Wireless Internet has now allowed my to write a proposal for work AND watch the latest episode of LOST, maybe even simultaneously talk to my business partner on IM about marketing ideas and watch my son play with his new train. Better yet, my DVR will let me record that same episode of LOST and play it back, skipping through the commercials, faster, and at my leisure, buying me back the time lost by those commercials. It is a beautiful thing.

But I am in the message business. I need my messages to come across to the consumer and yet I am that person deleting my spam email while listening to a podcast, and fast-forwarding through the commercials. Product placement in TV or movies is a fine way to combat this, and yet, I have become so adept at accepting that I don’t catch every detail of a TV show, and filling in the gaps in my head, I am likely to miss product placement. I do the same thing when going to a website with banner ads. I filter. Filtering is what keeps my head from exploding.

People say that I am so busy – but really I am just trying to reach a level of efficiency, while not over-taxing my internal resources, which would in-turn render my activity unproductive. Balance is the ultimate goal. I really can bake cookies while writing a book. Because, after all, what else am I going to do… watch the cookies in the oven? No of course not, no body would expect me to. But the key is to not try to write, and iron and bake, and talk on the phone, and IM. You have to pick the activities that use the different parts of your brain, and let them work together, (you wouldn’t want to IM your boss what you just told your best friend about him, and it can happen—trust me).

As a person who works with hourly employees, logging time for customers is getting more difficult. Our employees can effectively multi-task several projects simultaneously, turning an 8 hour day into a day with 10 billable hours. Should I as an employer pay for someone who sat at their desk for 8 hours pay for those ten logged hours? Should the customer pay if the employee was also running reports for another client while coding their website? How do you figure this out? Can primary and secondary activities be graded as to assign the right amount of billable time to them? This brings up some important questions for me as a business owner, but as a business owner aren’t I doing the same thing? I will often delete old or spam emails while chatting on the phone, or broker deals while transporting my little one to day-care. Or load new software or test a site while printing out invoices. Can I log this time? Of course—why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t my employees?

Where this gets really tricky is that you can’t naturally expect that everyone can conduct their lives so efficiently. Multi-taking can be a bad-word. Too many people multi-task so much that they just don’t get anything accomplished—or well. Can you ask a potential employee how they can create time out of none? Focus, after all can be good.

And that goes back to my original statement about background media. How much do I lose by blogging and watching The Polar Express while traveling on a plane from California to Atlanta? I certainly couldn’t repeat the movie’s story-line in detail. Then again, maybe I am not missing much there. Maybe I am enhancing my blogging experience by throwing in some light entertainment.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blogging at 10,000 feet

Ok – so actually I am a bit higher than that – but until they flash the details on the screen above my seat I won’t know. All I know is that at 10,000 feet I can use my laptop on the plane – and so I am.

Plane travel is such a strange thing. I have never actually been able to wrap my head around how planes actual fly. I mean I understand the math and physics of it… in theory, but the fact that it works is still pretty amazing. Even more amazing is that most airports now have wireless internet, (sometimes even free… except Atlanta today – those jerks…charging me for the Internet). I was able to get a fair amount of work done from the airports today. Emails, chatting with the folks at the office, research. It makes sense that so many people can now live wherever they wish and go wherever they wish without losing anything by being “on the road.” Technology rocks.

So I have been working out in my head is I would like to do seminars or classes, or coach introverts in business. It is a great niche – I am obviously qualified. The trick it how do you get people who are not naturally out-going to attend a seminar – or ask them to participate in a group coaching session. Of course it would be beneficial… however it is a bit of a conundrum. I wonder how that will work out.

I also need to start focusing on some promotional ideas for the book launch. I would have a launch party – but then how would I plan that. Throw a party for myself. Seems a bit too extroverted for me – especially given the book subject matter. I might have to employ my good friend Kelly… consummate extrovert – party planner extraordinaire… hm good idea. I could do a little party – invite my friends and perhaps the media. One or two people might show up. I could have books there to sign and sell. Lets see, what else. OOOH maybe I can get Stacy in on the mix – she will be around in January… those two ladies can make anything happen. It means I would have to buy some books – like maybe 100, maybe less, but wouldn’t want to run out. I will need food… hm. Ellie! I will have to do desserts… wonder what kind of discount I can get??? Wow, ok – I guess I need to go sell a couple Websites, and maybe ask Jackie how much the media center costs to rent. Also I should include Margaret in perhaps… since we should invite some clients. Yikes. I am busy J Also should make sure that the book is available by then.

Guess I have work to do. Plane rides are great places to brainstorm.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Help - I need perspective

I help people with their websites. All day I point out ways to make them better, options to improve content and readability and navigation. And yet here I am with a newly launched Website that is unfocused, and I can't seem to figure out a way to make it make sense. Hopefully I will be able to take a step back and pull it together soon!

Monday, December 05, 2005

New Website Up and Running

My Website is officially launched. I have to massage the content still - but it is up. Check it out. and let me know what you think. I will be making ad

Under interesting facts about me. I haven't used an alarm clock in over 4 years. Now this might not seem too weird, as I am a bit of an insomniac, so why would someone who doesnt sleep need an alarm clock any way? Well, truth be told I do sleep - just a little.

I bring this up because this morning the alarm went off and seriously freaked me out. I have been sleeping ok recently and I was not prepared for that awful noise. Jumped from the bed and the alarm clock fell and hit my head. Another reason not to use an alarm clock.

And why did I feel the need to share that...well I sustained a head injury this morning, I can't be help accountable for the things I choose to blog about...