Friday, April 11, 2008

JUMP into Friday

I am amazed that it is Friday morning already. I am amazed that it is Friday, that I have no outside things/running around/errands to do, that I have the time to get work done and it is already 10 and I am just beginning my "morning papers" -- I believe that I know why Pete McGourty wanted me to write on paper... paper does not have the Internet, paper does not inform you that you have new email, and paper does not have any fun flashing boxes to click on. (Weeee fun flashing, click, click)

---but paper makes my hand hurt. Paper does not have email. Paper does not have the Internet, the weather, the stock market, the news.

and so I type. I am such a rebel.

Much writing must be done today for JUMP, and I need to pump it up a bit (pun intended) so that we can get that site to rank well. The Jump concept is such a great one, with essentially a huge warehouse space transformed into a play center for kids, (and sanity-refresher for parents). The inflatables are huge and the kids have a wonderful time. As a mom, I am so thankful that these places exist...especially on the cold and wet days. I wish there was a JUMP near us here in Charlotte--heck, I wish they existed when I was 4!

Other things today include writing more about blogging. I may even blog about blogging-- if I can think of a fun way to do so. Reading a blog about blogging may get a little dry, so I will do my best to spice it up a bit if I can get there later this afternoon.

Much copy, copywriting, clever SEO, shameless self-promotion and blogging to come. Stay tuned.


Meghan Wier
Author Writer Web Consultant

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