Monday, December 18, 2006

learning to sleep

It seems that I have learned how to sleep. It is almost 10pm and I am starting to think about turning in for the night. What a difference a year can make--it wasn't too long ago when I was functioning on 4 hours every other night or so.

While I know that I am probably healthier to be sleeping these days, I do mourn the time I no longer have for the late night projects, or the way my brain used to work when I was in overdrive.

I have been reading a book that compares the exceedingly busy over-achiever with someone with ADHD. We both like the thrill of the brain racing around. And right now I feel in a lot of ways like the sleep is like ritalin. It is better and worse at the same time.

I am still working on my recovery plan. And the longer I am away from work the more clear it is that I really needed this break.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

posting posting everywhere

I wrote a rather lengthy blog today at megs90days - so instead of rehashing all the boring parts of my life - I am going to direct you that way today. Enjoy. - Meg

Sunday, December 03, 2006


My sisters and I have always been - well, sisters. We have our good times and...not. But nothing to me is more of an indication of how we "get" eachother than how we work together when something needs to get done.

Last night my sisters and I were cleaning the kitchen after a party at my parents place. Piles of dishes, left-over food, cans, bottles, containers, garbage - it all was moved rapidly into to right place as if we cleaned up for 50 people every day. Hardly any words were spoken about getting the kitchen done, or what to do - we just moved in and around eachother like it was a dance.

I was a dance.

There are only a few people in your life that you will find that you can do this dance with. When you find them, keep them close. When they are your sisters, you are blessed.

I am blessed.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

no jumping out of planes for me

I called the skydiving place today and they can't take me while I am down there... bummer, but I'll keep trying...Maybe while I am in Florida.

Made cupcakes. It is amazing what frosting will cover cupcakes turned into donuts--but again, frosting is good.

beautiful weather.

nice day.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I found a place in Charlotte where I can skydive. I hope that I can go. I have been wanting to do that for such a long time. The tandem jump seems perfect for me. Three hours. Easy - and fun. If not this time, then maybe next.

I have been getting the log of this site and it says that I have 6-10 people who look at this site each day! (Hi Mom). So for all of you actual people, (not spiders, etc.) I apologize for this site being so boring as late.

And with that I thought I would talk a little about the blogosphere. Such an interesting place this blog-world where randon people can blabber on about the meaningless bits and pieces of their lives. More interesting is that these blogs are read by strangers.

I received a comment off my 90 days blog today that I found really funny. The anonymous commenter (commentor?) thought that is was a contradiction that a self-proclaimed "introvert" would be so open about their life and post it on the internet. It made me think about things a bit, but essentially it didn't change my mind any about blogging. I am very careful to avoid talking about too many personal things--or at least personal things that I wouldn't want the public to see/read. You won't find any pictures of any crazy drunken nights... I don't have any (that I know of) and if I did, the blogosphere--and the internet in general is not the place for them. I may want to work for someone again...Also I rarely mention my family. I have been called on this by certain members of my family - and even friends who wonder why I don't talk about them. Here is the deal there... they did not ask to have their names/lifes/pictures/personal information posted on the WWW. I choose this place where anyone who has read enough knows my preferred shoe type and favorite beverage. But they do not. It would not be fair to talk about those without their knowledge or permission. Again - they too may want to work for someone--they do not need to be easily Googled unless they want to be.

I tend to discuss matters of business (blogging, web, networking) or personal interest (introverts) or about my book or other projects. And I talk about the mundane. The mundane I discuss because I don't expect that anyone except my family cares -- so the rest of you just skip over it (go ahead--I'm fine with it) and because as a writer, clearing my head of the grocery list, and the to-do list, and the messy thoughts about bad luck, or toxic situations helps me focus when I do write coherently.

As an Introvert I still can hide here - you can't see me - (haha)

Yes, Im an Introvert.

So I thank you for hanging with me as I clear my brain for the reboot.


Friday, November 24, 2006


Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and I am happy to report that the turkey was cooked adequately, and we had a lovely meal. Overall, (besides the fact that I spent the majority of the day cooking), it was a nice relaxing day.

Today was decent too... I have been fighting a migraine for a couple days now and it finally broke this afternoon, much to my relief. This morning I was interviewed by a woman from Canada doing a newspaper story on shyness--Christina Friedrichsen (who also wrote a book: I really enjoyed talking to Christina, and can't wait to read the story.

Of course talking to Christima about book promotion and search engine optimization, reminded me (once again!) that I really need to schedule a few of those book signings and get the blogs updated. I do hope to see what the designer has for me in terms of a face-lift to the site after this long weekend. That should be a lot of fun. The site is in need to re-working, and I look forward to adding my new information about web-writing and seo and coaching to the site.

I have also been working on the Ask Dr. Ellie blog. That one is getting some legs to it and hopefully by the end of the weekend I can get a few more entries in there for Ellie.

And of course there is my 2nd book, which is still is a really, really rough. I haven't conceptualized it enough, nor been able to take enough time to make it happen. Ironic---since the book is about making time...but then I would tell you in the book that it obviously isn't a priority to write the book, that is if I ever get the book written.

My son's Nemo birthday party is on Saturday, so I have a week to pull that together. And on that note, I am going to go turn some Easter eggs into "Nemos."


Thursday, November 23, 2006


Thank you for my family.
Thank you to my family.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Went to the gym yesterday and I must have done a good job... my arms ache! This getting in shape thing is rough.

Did the museum thing today with Nate--good times. (Until we had to leave!)

Still examining the coaching career option. I am liking it more and more, as long as I can get the right $ for it. Not making any rash decisions though. I am going to do some more work with Ellie, and that will keep me busy at least in the short run.

The holidays are fast approaching and for the first time ever I wont be at my parent's house or Jas' parent's house for the holiday. Makes me really sad. Guess I'll have to learn what to do with a turkey...

Started the re-design process on my website. I should have an idea of what it will look like after Thanksgiving.

Well I best be going so I can do my new mouth wash, brush, listerine, ACT routine. Healthy teeth = healthy Meg...

writer blogger website consultant business coach


Let me confess... I have been sleeping lately. And not just a little bit here and there. I have been sleeping about 7 to 8 hours almost every night! I guess not working has cleared my head a bit, and removed the emergency need to work late into the night and morning. That said, I am battling the feeling of not getting enough done. But I have developed a new strategy and lifestyle associated with time--and forgiving myself for not doing everything all the time.

I have been sporatically updating my 90 Days Blog - while also writing my book offline. The books as it stands right now is a time management book--and I am looking for ways to make it different.

I am also exploring options career-wise, including business and introvert coaching.

I am getting ready to go to the children's museum with my son--until next time:


Saturday, November 11, 2006

New Project - Ask Dr. Ellie

Dr. Ellie Phillips, Dentist, Author, Xylitol Expert
I have teamed up with Dr. Ellie Phillips: author, dentist, speaker and restauranteur, to create an informational blog about tooth decay, treatments and prevention for a healthy smile. Dr. Ellie will be answering questions about dental health and xylitol, the miracle sugar that can save your teeth. Check out the new Ask Dr. Ellie blog.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Keeping up with not doing as much

I am finding it hard to get all the stuff done. That might seem crazy since I now don't work (per se), but it seems that I am a busy person regardless. I have found some time to read and write - although not to the extent that I would like. When the say that being a stay at home mom is a full time job - they are not kidding. Just being home with Nathan today, it has been tough to do much else.

I suppose that is fine. He needs my attention more than anything else - and the writing and the laundry and the email stuff will wait. (And the exercise and the packing and the house hunting and the leaves in the backyard and those calls, and the party invites and and and and and... it is no wonder I needed a break.

back to work/life.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Henrietta Blogger no longer

Hello Folks - I wanted to give you all quick update. I will no longer be blogging for the Rochester D and C - Henrietta Blog. They recently decided that they weren't going to pay the community bloggers, (which I think is a bad business move--for a ton of reasons, but they didnt ask me) and despite the fact that I was interested in continuing, I had a few questions. Specifically, I wanted to know who owned the Henrietta Blog content. As a writer, what I write is my intellectual property - and unless someone pays me to "own" it, I feel I have the right to sell or reproduce that text. (Not that I have some master plan--I just wanted clarification)

They said they would send the agreement - I never saw it. I assume they never meant for me to have it, because I got a call today.

Apparently the questions were too much for the D and C - they got concerned, and could not answer them. Or they chose not to. The whole thing is rotten. They did not cancel the blogs, in fact they are expanding them--just without me.

Big bummer, and I think it sets them up to have some trouble down the road. I will miss writing to the Henrietta resident. It was a lot of fun.

Anyway - maybe you will see me a little more here.

Monday, October 30, 2006

90 Days to Greatness - aka Meg's mini retirement

I have started a new blog to Chronicle my next 90 days - relaxing - looking for a new job, moving, etc. etc. I am looking for 90 things to do in 90 days - suggesstions welcome - check it out.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

ch ch ch changes

There is a lot going on - some good some bad - all in the end will work out the way it is meant to be.

Thanks and hello to the Web Writing class at SUNY Geneseo - you are the best state school! <>Thank you for you comments, your questions, and your brilliance. Thank you also for not falling asleep, as did several students at SUNY Brockport last time I spoke there... they are not the best state school. :)

My sincere apologies to the deer I struck last night. While he is likely not a fan of the blog, literate... or frankly alive now... I am sorry that my car was were you wished to be at that moment. Thank you for not going through my windshield.

Thank you to all my clients and the BizNetix Family for 5 fabulous years. I am leaving BizNetix this week - and I will be taking a much needed break from work. I will write - I will blog I will sleep. I will do all the things I had wished that I could do but couldn't. Watch out everyone - you are all getting hand-made craft crap for Christmas. Ill be unemployed and I'll have time on my out!

The D and C blog thing has changed - they are no longer paying me. Good and bad. They want me to keep blogging but have lifted several restrictions. I will be giving it a shot - but I do struggle to think up interesting things to write about that are about Henrietta. I live in Henrietta! It isnt exactly a metropolis - or even a place where much interesting things happen at all. But when they do... I ll be there!

Thanks to Friends and Family who have taken care of me lately. I love you.

Meghan Wier
Author, Speaker, Blogger, Creator of odd jewelry, painter, crafty girl, unemployed.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Borders Book Signing

The Borders Book Signing went great tonight. A ton of friends and business associates stopped by - (THANKS!!) Sold some books, and had a great time.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I was told this week that I am a poor communicator. Or at least that is what I heard, as I was also told that I don't always hear when I listen, (or was that listen when I hear??) so it is possible that I am mistaken.

Probable even.

In fact, I was informed that I am a better written communicator than I am verbal. Which is, perhaps true. Maybe this is a compliment to me if you want to look at it that way. (Good thing I wrote a book-instead of tried to make money talking). Although, I must admit that my written communication also has room for improvement, (as anyone who read my book will agree). I, as a self-proclaimed decently intelligent individual, believe that while I am an OK communicator, I could be better. I think that almost everyone could be better at communication--communication and comprehension.

I am willing to admit that this is something that I would like to work on. I have heard (at least I think that I heard it...) that communication is the key to success.

I like success.

And so, it is in my power to learn to be a better communicator, and as a leader, foster better communication amongst those with whom I have the ability to affect.

It has also come to my attention that some people find "big words difficult to understand" and "intimidating."

While I may wish to point out that "intimidating" is a 5 syllable word, and by all accounts "big" I will take the criticism in the manner in which it was intended, and resort to smaller words to better communicate to those with whom I have the pleasure of conversing with on a regular basis.

Now if I were in fact a good written communicator I may not have made that sentence unneccesarily complicated. But I did. It is best that I get it out of my system now.

With no hint of saracsm... (starting right after this blog entry).

I will not mention that I firmly believe that by "dumbing down" conversation, I do a disservice to those around me. I will in fact work to use smaller words to be more efficient. Think about all the time I will save by not having to use all those extra syllables!

...or run on sentences!

Seriously, being a good communicator is a continual process. We have so many new forms of communication that should we get good at one, (for example, instant messaging), we may sacrifice another due to lack of practice.

I have a growth opportunity here. That is important to me. I wanted a challenge--I didn't think that this would be it, but we cannot always choose our challenges.

I am ready to listen now.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lots of stuff

There is a lot of good stuff going on, and keeping me busy this week. I have gotten a booksigning scheduled for Borders on Oct 6th - so that is cool. I am going to Seattle this weekend (arg! I have to pack!) Things in BizLand are hopping - and we are about to start a big Extreme Web Makeover Contest campaign - AND my D and C Blog is finally getting some traffic, (although no doubt I will blow it with some boring entry that no one will like.)

And I was asked today to do another online interview on Networking... I love those.

And my insomnia is in full-force for the first time in weeks so I am gonna go and try to get something done!

- meg

Saturday, September 09, 2006

quick update and a confession

I have a book signing at Brambleberry Barn in Pittsford today from 2-4 - I am actually looking forward to it. It is a comfortable location, and Kelly will take good care of me when I start getting freaked out by the people :)

Anyway - if you get a cheance stop by and say hello.

and my confession... I think I am addicted to vistaprint. Not the free business cards... but the notepads and cards that you can customize. I has so far resisted buying them all, but I do go on and see how I could create cool things. I guess there are worse addictions.

Have you checked out the Rochester D and C Henrietta blog lately? I need some more people to comment so they don't replace me with someone more interesting... You can sign in anonymously.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gone to Amazon Lately?

Have you gone to Amazon lately? Check out my book Confessions of an Introvert on Amazon today.


There is lots going on today and as much as I have a lot to say about it, I have made a committment to getting my other blogs updated, so I will ramble through this as best I can.

I make that committment about every three months; write some long entry about being better about blogging and then the next entry is about 3 month later... so I make no promises, but I am going to try...

I was reminded today about the importance of keeping a blog up to date, and blogging often. Blogging often will build content quickly. Building content will help in making a blog more search engine friendy. The more SEF a site is, the more it will be found and read. The more valuable that site will become for you.

In this case me.

However, this site is not designed to be valuable in that way. This blog is a brain dump. Funny though, this brain dump is a highly ranked, relatively popular site for total strangers to read about what is in my head. The internet is a goofy place.

If only I could harness the power of my brain dumps to make my other blogs more valuable. More read. More... important to the search engines, more...of a resource to the world.

I was listening to the radio today and a reporter had done an experiment where she did not read, watch or listen to any traditional media. No news, no paper, no, just blogs from people in the general public. She found that she was actually better informed and had a more complete picture of the news.

She obviously wasn't reading this blog. But I am glad there are people who can write decent information about real-world issues. I am glad we now have a place where the "every-man" has a voice. I am glad this voice competes with traditional media.

I am also glad there is still a traditional media.

Someone needs to write with some focus.

It won't be me.

Off to go write some more...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm an Introvert...but I'm not shy about it. PRODUCTS NOW AVAILABLE!

A client of mine is looking to incorporate CafePress with his site so I have been getting myself aquainted with setting up a store, etc. So I have made a bunch of "Introvert" products. I hope you get a chance to check them out, you never know when you might need a mug with my name on it... (ok, maybe never, but check it out anyway)

Monday, August 07, 2006


I am not entirely sure what heaven is like, or even if there is one (a discussion for another time...) But this has got to be close.

Sitting on the balcony of an enormous log cabin beach house in North Carolina. It is dark. There is a thunderstorm out in the distance, the waves are crashing, the air is warm.

I have wireless intenet.


The family and I had a busy day today. It was nice, but I won't torture you with the details of how we sat on the beach and read books and took naps. Boring stuff, and very perfect.

Things in Biz-land continue to thrive. They must be, it is only August and I have already taken 4 week-long vacations this year. I suppose it is beginning to make up for the years that I didn't vacation at all. But to my point... things are good enough to leave once in a while, even if I do check in about a dozen times a day.

Because I have wireless Internet!

Book sales continue to be good - I have been pretty happy and the "per day" calculation continues to rise.

Well - that is all for now - going to go enjoy the night.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


It was pointed out again today that if I am going to have so many blogs I should actually update them.

Point taken. again.

Had mtg w/ D and C about Henrietta Blog today. Turns out that people read it. Well, at least when it is good. Which apparently it has not been recently, hence the mtg. Whoops. Hopefully that will be remedied since I was given some gentle constructive criticism. Of course I won't be following any of that here...and will maintain my rambly, boring updates as such.

It is afterall a blog.

Met with Kent the man today at Rock Ventures. I am gonna hook him up with a couple blogs for Team Creation and Team Building. Good stuff. Kent Rocks, you should all go do some climbing at RV.

hey, "Kent Rocks"... that is funny.
---or is it the cold medicine that is getting to me?

Was told the other day that my SEO Rochester Blog is out-ranking the BizNetix site again. Whoops. Sorry. (But secretly... whoo hoo) I will have to tune up the corporate site again. Can't have a silly blog out ranking the Biz site, that is no good. Especially since I have been updating that blog even less than the others. Bad Meg.

Tons of work, too little time. Vacation fast approaching...

until ltr to the 9 people daily who check in. Thanks for being what the newspaper is calling my "readership".

Frankly bizarre.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

insomniac at work

I have been sleeping a lot more lately - but tonight I am a little worked up...(but the medicine should kick in soon.)

sold a book on ebay today... who would have thought. Sold several more through the traditional means and have a bookstore in Seattle placing in on the "Top Picks" table - so things going well there.

gonna enjoy a nice day tomorrow - moving the office to the pool, hope to get good Internet access, but at the very least, I should be able to catch up on my phone calls (and my tan).

short note today. (getting sllleeeeppppppyyyy)

Monday, July 10, 2006

reviews and such

I checked my Amazon ranking today - ok like a million times. I do this every day (like a million times).

...anyway I noticed a new review on there today. It was from the first person I do not truly know at all and it makes me smile tonight.

The other reviews are from friends, who while not obligated to say something nice, did so and therefore are only valuable to the person seeking to buy my book, and to me insomuch as it proves that they are nice enough to do me a favor. Did they like the book really? I don'y know.

But - this new review, unsolicited from someone in NYC... it is so nice. They did only give me 4 out of 5 stars.... but I can't complain too much. They took the time to post a review, and it is very appreciated.

And so you E. Halstead...thank you for making my day. Thank you for reminding me thatthere are many people have read the book now (or at least have purchased it), and thank you for giving me a nice review...

- Meg

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Meg's Space

I am finally cool again (uh, maybe...) and I have a myspace page - check it out. I am still working out the kinks -- you know, this technology stuff :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How Funny

Ok - so I was just watching TV and someone was talking about looking themselves up on search engines. (Commonly called "googling") - I have to admit-- I do this all the time!

So I did it...

Now granted, it is my job to know where sites rank for particular targeted keyphrases... but it is always interesting to see where I am. And mostly it turns up the results I expect... again, that is afterall my job.

But tonight I was on a lesser-known engine...and looked myself up. And interestingly enough I found my real first negative information associated with my name. (At least that I have found so far!)

Now, frankly I find it funny... and even a little flattering. I made such an impression that someone took the time to write about me. Granted it was negative, but not so much that my ego is bruised. Essentially, I contacted a woman who had a similar blog to mine (relating to introversion) and we had a brief conversation via email. And then I added her to my mailing list. Which instead of sending a polite "please remove me from your list" reply when I sent a newsletter, she sent me a picture of dead bodies washed up on the shore. I am assuming from the tsunami a year ago - but I don't know. To be honest, it was so horrible I thought that it was a weird virus, or in error and ignored it. A month went by and I sent out another mailing. She got it and send back a very strange, and not very nice email ranting about how I invaded her space. I apologized, and removed her from my list.

So fast forward to today when I found her Web-post about how I spam.


I have a short list I send general updates to. Mostly they are close friends, business associates and people who have requested that I send them info about the book. Now I misunderstood her dead people email, but really...

I get hundreds of spam emails a day. I delete them and move on. If I took the time to email everyone who sent me an unwanted email I would go crazy. Spam is a fact of life, and fact is, what I sent was not as much spam as it was a note to friends. True--I am trying to sell a book. But if you don't want to read about it, don't. I am an introvert, email is a safe way for me to communicate. I am sorry she didn't like getting my email, but I moved on - so should she.

That said... I think it is halarious. It is almost like really being an important person--famous people have negative comments said about them all the time - I'm like them now--cool!

Oh and, if you want me to take you off my mailing list... please just ask!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday - 2 weeks post vacation

So, here I am two weeks post vacation - still trying to maintain the calm that was achieved ever so briefly while at the lake.

...Zen is a hard thing to maintain - but I am trying.

I did spend about 4 hours at the mall yesterday looking for a dress for my friend Kelly's wedding yesterday while I should have been at work. (Found one--its really pretty!)

I also have a cool intern for the next few weeks. He has helped me a ton this week do some updating to our sites and organizing some mailings for the book. I have been meaning to do that for 6 months! (Thanks Rich -- you rock!)

I continue to write for the Democrat and Chronicle as the Henrietta Town Blogger - funny headline this week:

I am enjoying being able to share my thoughts on Henrietta - and it is nice that people are starting to recognize me from that little blog. It is also great that they are printing parts of the blogs each week, and mine have made it in there several times now--and that feeds my ego pretty well.

The Book sales are going well - like I said - I have a bunch of mailings that are hopefully going to get the book in the store soon (yes, I know I have been saying this for months--but I am really doing it this time!)

Well - I am off for now, I have to go get some exercise (part of the "new me" rountine... yuck)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Meg after a Duathlon...

So - I look like I just ran a really long race - but here is the "after" shot!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The Race

The Duathlon was yesterday, and my body is well aware that it was a tough race. (Although my body is not familiar with much racing at all—so what does it know: tough or not?) It was cold – about 50 degrees when we started, and I was cold the whole time. Thankfully I trained hard, and so despite the fact that nearly everyone passed me, and I passed nearly no one, I finished. In fact I came in 3rd for the Duathon for women, 1st in my age group. Not too bad. Glad that is done.

The Lake

I am back at the lake this morning enjoying a hot cup of tea on the new porch at the cottage. The sun has nearly risen to a respectable level in the sky and the water is a calm, beautiful silvery color. This is where I get to spend the week, and I need it. I am blessed with this place. I am sad that I may not be able to share it with my son and his family when the time comes, but for now we are going to soak up every moment of unplugged, organic, “real” life that is this amazing hideaway.

The Job

I have semi-moved out of work-mode, but it is worth saying that work has been great. We are very busy, which as any business-owner knows is a mixed blessing. It is hard to complain, tough to navigate and amazingly rewarding as we plod along hitting milestones, and meeting and hopefully exceeding our clients needs. We are still looking to break into some more markets and have a solid plan in place for great things this year. I am very happy with how things are progressing.

The X Team

As an off-shoot of BizNetix, I have collaborated with two incredible business owners, Bruce, a business coach, and Kent, a team-building expert. These two guys have an indescribable energy and passion, and together we presented out first X-Team workshop the other day. It was phenomenal! The attendees were engaged and had fun and we are really onto something big. I believe that this format will allow each of us to bring in more business and increase our awareness in the community. I am really excited to get back on planning our next event in August – and who would have thought I’d ever be excited about public speaking!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I am in "training" for this duathalon in 2 weeks. I ran today. Ran farther than I have ever run before. Ran slow. But ran. It is a good day. I am driven to get this done--serially obsessed that I am.

Got a massage today. That is good too. That is probably why I ran so far... the massage therapist will like to hear that.

Still blogging about Henrietta for the Democrat and Chronicle weekly. Some good stuff this past week about Web privacy - and lack there of.

In the process of getting The Business X Team event up and running. That is a couple days before the race, so everything is coming together at once as always.

Glad to be going to NYC this weekend. Off to see a show and eat some good food.

Lots and lots going on, but I was reminded that I hadn't updated this blog in a while...mostly because of all this running and such I'm sleeping at night like normal people. So there you go...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Breaking Balls

A new friend of mine is directing a movie here in Rochester this summer and he is looking for extras and investors - heck - for as little as $5 you could get your name in the credits. A novel approach - a nice guy and a cool movie - check out the site and watch the teaser... I can't wait to see it and I hope that you can help him out with a donation or

Posting 101

According to Blogger this is my 101st posting in this Blog. That means I rambled on A LOT about things that are mostly useless and for that I am sorry.

To the 2.3 people per day that stumble across this blog a day: you should know that I have continued running... poorly, but I have now been working out every day (except 1) for 2 weeks.

I am lucky I havent seriously hurt myself. Next step is to get a bike and see what damage I can do to myself on that.

I am insane. Serially obsessed... and on the upside... sleeping much better.

On work stuff, I have my BNI presentation on Friday - and then on June 9th I have a seminar thing I am doing with Kent and Bruce... THE BUSINESS X TEAM - should be great fun and a ton of great information. - Let me know if you want more info.


Sunday, April 23, 2006


I am not overly malicious. I am actually a pretty nice person. But I have a need to share a little situation from today that got me a bit riled.

I sent out a bulk email today to my close friends and contacts. I don't really like doing it. It is too extroverted a thing to do, but true to my "living outside my comfort zone" philosophy I do it, mostly because in addition to being an introvert, I am a business person.

And I have a book to sell.

So I inadvertently sent this email out to someone who had made it onto my list after we had talked via email about out shared interest in Introvert Coaching. Last time I sent out an email she asked me to be removed from the list which I did. Well actually she sent me a request to be removed by sending a very vile picture to illustrate her point. Very vile.... too awful to describe. But she was removed from the list.

But this time I used my Outlook to compile a new list,since there were so many new people. And this "lady" was back on the mailing list. An honest mistake.

She sent me what I can only describe as a very hurtful email back. And she told me I was invading her "personal space" which is rediculous since she is just as much a public figure online as I am - and she repeatedly says to contact her all over her multiple websites, and I did not go to her house or call her on the phone, I sent her an email. An EMAIL. An email about my book and my life and - it was very benign.

Well she was nasty and threatening and franky if there is anything that I am besides an introvert and a good business person, it is a person who works every day with websites... and there is something that I don't like--really don't like. And that is people who use unethical means to get their sites ranked highly on the search engines. Especially when we compete for the same keyphrases, and ESPECIALLY after you have really upset me with a threatening email.

And so, in my passive aggressive way. I apologized to this crazy lady whose "personal space" I somehow invaded with my little note to my friends...and then reported her to Google for all that very naughty hidden text that I was ignoring graciously until now.

As she said... "Introverts are territorial".

(But really I am very nice)


The "feeling my age" thing continues as I have taken up exercise... and done so for what is literally the first time in my life. I did not exercise as a child, a teen, a young adult... never. Avoided exercise to be exact. And I was lucky. I am skinny. Maybe a bit scrawny. Or at least I have been. But... sigh. Now I am a grown up and I am into day 2 of my new exericise routine.

Day 2.

Feeling ok considering. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

uh oh... somewhere along the way I think I grew up...

Today I subscribed to the Wall Street Journal. Now admittedly I subscribed to the online edition, so I retain some of my youthful nonchalant approach towards "news" - however I am paying for access to online news, so that makes me a grown-up again...

So what made me make this life-altering, age-appropriate decision you ask? Well, the Wall Street Journal called me about my book and they are planning on writing a business question and answer article and actually refer to my book.

It is just a little article. But it is about my book. My book. And so I have subscribed to The Wall Street Journal - partly because I am looking for that article, and partly because it is just good business to subscribe to a paper when they write about you.... and partly I guess because I'm a grown up now, and maybe I should start paying closer attention to what is going on in the world.... ug. I grew up.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Summer Plans

I have my summer plans - well, planned at least for the most part. The first trip of the season is actually tomorrow when I will be traveling to Boston to see my brother-in-law run the Boston Marathon and visit with my sisters.

The last week in April I'll be headed to Tampa, and then back again in July for another brother-in-law's wedding. BUT before then Ill be spending a week at the family cottage for a little quiet relaxation - and then at the end of the summer I have a week planned at a condo in North Carolina with my family. It should be a really nice summer, and hopefully it will also stay as busy as it has been at work so that I can afford to take all those breaks and pay for the airline tickets!

Lots of great things happening with the book and the D & C Blog... I'll keep you posted.

- meg

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Confession: I blew off the day

Today's confession: I blew off the day. And it feels pretty nice.

I did the comissions report, took my son to soccer this morning and then to an Easter party. Then I came home and took a nap. A long and deserved wonderful nap.

There is still a lot of things to do, and they will have to get done tomorrow. Right now I am focused on not being focused for the first time in weeks.

I am still blogging for the Democrat and Chronicle. That is a very nice little side project. This week I wrote about the little farm market down the street from my house. Not a bad article if I do say so myself. It reminds me of the simple gifts that this world gives us - and how we sometimes forget to be thankful.

I spoke at the ebusiness Association seminar on SEO this week - the material was good, my presentation lacked luster - ok it was bad - but I suppose I need to keep on doing these things. I have to stop thinking that I am not a good public speaker or I will never be a good public speaker. There is just nothing that makes me more uncomfortable...don't know if that is the introversion, the social anxiety or the stage fright more...

Book sales are decent - still working on world domination... I ordered another 30 this week to distribute to the book stores. My friend Bruce is going to get a few for his seminars that he does every week - that is very cool. And now I just have to drag out all that information about the bookstore requirements and get my "media packets" put together.

Well, I am going back to blowing off the day...


Thursday, March 16, 2006


I have the best friends ever. It is rare as an adult to have the kinds of relationships that I have with so many remarkable people.

These are the kinds of people in your life who would do anything for you.

The list starts with my parents - and my sisters - and it extends to friends I've known half my life and friends who have only recently come into my life.

I am not a mushy person, but tonight I am reminded how lucky I am. Thank you to all of you who take such good care of me.

Monday, March 13, 2006

trying to stay on ahead -

I am so far behind it isnt even funny - however - as part of my attempt at getting it all done - I have decided I need to set a few minutes aside for blogging every day - it actually helps clear my head and makes me a bit more productive... well at least most certainly stops me from wandering aimlessly in the hall babbling to myself.

The pile on my desk is huge - I am three weeks behind in entering referrals into the website for my BNI group - I need to write a 45 minute speeach for the ebusiness association and I need groceries - big time...

The book sales need a boost - more postcards must be sent out this week - some time...

A newsletter for work and the book needs to go this week - we will see if that actually happens.

I have been asked to Blog for the local paper - and since that is a big deal I need to think about that a little before I begin this week.

SEO REPORTS!!! ug - not to mention the tuning....

sigh - Im gonna go get some chocolate.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dallas Blog

I wrote this in Dallas a couple weeks ago - but never posted it:

Blog – Personal 2/25/06 – Dallas Texas
I have been unable to get the running monologue out of my head for some time. That happens when I am left alone for a while. I talk to myself. Not aloud like a crazy person—just like I am telling a story. I tell the story to myself, refine the story… sometimes it is even more like a commentary. Weird I know. That is likely the reason I don’t let myself be let alone often. The story is very distracting to the rest of like… albeit a little entertaining.

On the upside it does give me some interesting things to blog about. Well, that is if I wanted to… the interesting bits of the story from the last few days have been retold to myself, (by myself) so many times that they are kind-of boring now. And since the 2.4 people per day who read at least a part of this blog would be equally bored by the stories, especially told by a bored story-teller… I will refrain from the details.

I am in Dallas this morning – traveled here on Thursday night to visit some old friends. And yes, I am actually old enough now to have old friends… yikes….

So far it has been a lovely visit. The flights and airports to get here were filled with interesting people. Which reminds me: I have been meaning to ask… What motivates people to dress the way they do for traveling? I understand the business folks needing to dress up a bit as they leave the planes and go into meetings… I understand the track suits or jeans – that makes perfect sense… but wow, there are some people who totally sacrifice comfort to wear what will look good. And then… there are those people who just should not be allowed out of the house.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am not the fashion police – I don’t generally care, but there are some absolutely awful – “I can’t believe she wore that” kind of stuff going on out there. You know what I mean. I guess I will leave it at that.

I have been away from this blog for a couple weeks, an I feel like there is so much to add – and again – I know that those 2.4 people out there are merely skimming this for important info so I will see if I have some to give.

The main local Rochester paper, the Democrat and Chronicle put a little notice out asking for community bloggers to come from the various suburbs to blog on the D & C website. And so I volunteered to write about Henrietta. I figure I blog anyway and I do know a lot of what is going on in my local area. Henrietta is a weird suburb because there is no real center of town – it is more of a commercial area than anything else, with a lot of businesses, stores, auto-dealers, etc. But there are a fair amount of residents, like myself as well and I think I am up for the task of blogging for the D & C. I am actually really looking forward to it. Although that does mean that I am potentially exposing ME to a larger audience than I currently am… which could be good or bad! We will see. The only major restriction is that I am to “not ramble”. Which might be the toughest thing to do! After all, my “top-of-mind” rambling is about all that I do here. But perhaps my writing skills and mental powers need to be tested a bit. And I would like to hope that on my more targeted blogs I do stay on topic a bit…. Perhaps?

Other things of note… the web site is doing well – with plenty of visitors and even a few people buying the Confessions of an Introvert book. So that is cool. My web analytics tools are showing me that I am found for some interesting key phrases like “gruesome kitchen accidents” – which is not cool. I suppose there aren’t too many people optimized for that … and frankly neither am I, I just happen to talk about “gruesome accidents” and “kitchen” in a little piece I wrote about my mother and her life as a volunteer paramedic. Hopefully I can tune that up with some more relevant search terms here in the near future. I hate to have people disappointed that there aren’t any great “gruesome kitchen accident” pictures or stories on my site…Then again, the search engines being what they are will probably now rank this blog high for that term (I wont repeat it again…) and I will get all that traffic and disappoint all of those folks again.


Well, there seems like a lot more, but this is getting long – and there is a convention on blogging that says to “keep it short”. Apparently the public’s online attention span is short… and I wouldn’t want to bore anyone – especially myself.

Until next time,

oh wait – how about this for my bio-tagline for the paper’s blog:

“Meghan Wier is a Henrietta, NY resident and the Vice President of Business Development for BizNetix, Inc. a Website Design and Development firm in Henrietta. She is also author of: Confessions of an Introvert – The Shy Girl’s Guide to Career, Networking, and Getting the Most out of Life, a book about business networking, community service and surviving in an extrovert’s world. To learn more about Meghan Wier, go to her site at


Thursday, February 16, 2006

SEO Case Study

OK - so that relaxing thing lasted like 5 minutes. I have jumped back into SEO in a big way this week focusing on tuning the title tags of the site as well as working with the Nickster, SEO Guru on several projects including Graver Water Systems.

I have decided to journal the Graver Water SEO project on the SEO Rochester Blog. Feel free to check that out. The Graver site will be a challenge, but we will get them there. The Graver SEO Case study will go through the steps that we will be taking and the progress that the site sees over the next few months.

One thing to remember is that SEO is a process. It will not happen in a month, or two... it needs to be tended to and massaged; SEO needs time and patience. I cannot stress this enough. I continuously have people wanting immediate results - and don't get me wrong - so would I, but we all need to be patient, put our heads down and work hard to make this happen.

Other big stuff going on - our Bristol Condo week is coming up AND... MY BIRTHDAY. Don't forget - March 1st. Cards can be sent to Meghan Wier, 150 Lucius Gordon Drive, Suite 119, West Henrietta, NY 14586. :)

- meg

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Olympics and Relaxing

I feel like it has been forever since I actually had a chance to relax--but today I am enjoying a lazy day of sitting on the couch with my young son and watching a little Olympic Womens's Hockey, and doing a bit of blogging. It is very nice.

Now don't get me wrong... I really should be managing a couple adwords campaigns right now, or getting more promotional postcards out for Confessions of an Introvert. And once that is done - there are some Valentine's day cards that should be sent out to my loved ones. And once that is done there is the follow up emails to clients that should be send, the website to be updated and the kitty litter box to be changed...but it will all wait.

The US team just won the hockey game... blow out... and my kid has moved on to a more exciting venue.

- I suppose that means I should get on with my day. Well, maybe after a little more blogging.

I love Saturdays.

- Meghan Wier
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Friday, February 03, 2006

Growing Old is Pigeon Poop

There are certain things that my dad says which go right over my head. My father is a biblical scholar, and to be honest, I just don't follow most of what he says about the lives of the early biblical scribes... but the other day dad said something I got... something that I will remember as amazingly profound and uncharacteristically to the point.

He said: "growing old is pigeon poop."

I couldn't agree more. Several people I love dearly are suffering severe medical problems today. And that puts things into a bit of a perspective. As crazy as my life is, my health is - ok. I should eat better and exercise - and the list of family medical problems to report to the doctor is ever increasing, but I am ok. All that SEO stuff and book selling and that really cute sweater at the mall - none of that matters in the end. Life is short. Too short.

My thoughts are with my family, and my friends tonight

(Too bad that after the hundreds of thousand of scholarly words my father has put to paper, the only thing I can recall at the moment is a statement about excrement...I might be the worst daughter ever.)

Meghan Wier
SEO Expert and Author of:
Confessions of an Introvert, now available on

Friday, January 27, 2006

life... unscripted

Geez there is a lot going on!

I have been shamelessly promoting the book and in the process have hooked up with a coach who does business coaching, specializing in introverted professionals. Pat Weber from

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Meghan Wier - Update

I wanted to give you all a quick update on all the great things happening... Confessions of an Introvert is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Posters and Postcards have been printed and promotion is underway. I have set a timeline to to book signings in Feb, so things are good. I am probably going to Dallas in Feb too, so perhaps I will visit a BNI while I am there.

Other things include doing some pay-per-click and organic SEO tuning for some really great sites including I have a few good sized proposals out too, so it should be a busy few months.

On a personal note my wonderful sister Kate is coming to help me out a little bit and visit. That should be a lot of fun.

The site is doing well - and the PPC campiagn on that is getting a good conversion to the order page. I may track that to the confirmation page eventually, but for now I am pleased with the interest. I still do need to get the

Monday, January 09, 2006

Search Engine Optimization - and other tricky keyphrases

I started a blog a while back called Seo Rochester to see how long a blog focused on search engine optimization, with no particular tuning would fare for the "seo rochester" keyphrase on Google, based soley on content.

Well, it isn't doing well on Google. Not at all. That said, MSN loves me. And a few of the other engines like me, but not Google.

So I have been trying to figure this out. Content is a big part of any SEO process, and some of my other blogs are ranked highly on Google... so either the SEO Rochester blog just doesn't have enough content yet... or Google thinks I am naughty.

I tend to be repetetive in the way I write. I do this for affect, but also, because I am trying to cram an appropriate amount of keyphrases into a content block. On average a content block on a website should be around 300 words for good SEO with then about 21 instances of a keyphrase - or 7%. That is the formula I have been using professionally, but sometimes I push a bit more on the blogs. Sometimes I do this to test...because the engines are always working up new algorithms and I might need to change my percentage formulas. That is why I do this kind of thing on a blog and not the corporate site!

So I think that Google thinks that I was spamming - which in this case is the use of keyphrases in an excessive way. -- So, in order to make the Google Gods happy, and see if I can get in their good graces again, I will be trying to get some more quality content in there, without the excessive use of my keyphrase.

Testing and measuring, trying and tweaking. The life of an SEO professional...

- meg

Saturday, January 07, 2006

2006 What will Meg do?

Ok - so I didn't mean to become the poster child for introverts - and yet here I am, donning my "introvert" t-shirt to networking events and answering questions on the difference beween "shy" and "introverted" to crowds of interested people... (maybe I'll have fans one day - boy would that freak me out).

But I am trying to embrace the attention - that is after all what the book is about - and I need to live the life I wrote about.

There is so much I need to do - posters, postcards - geez- how do I set up book signings - (etc. - boy Im in over my head :) )

But I am happy to have the book completed and I have an interview set up with a local TV station this coming week. Hopefully some crafty online marketing will help "Confessions of an Introvert" sell a few copies. - Also I am thinking of putting an adwords campaign together maybe tonight!

- meg

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Buy Confessions on Amazon

sorry that I haven't been posting regularly (again) but I have been knee-deep in book stuff. Confessions of an Introvert is now available on Amazon - click the link on this page to go there and order a few copies. ***Note - you may need to look for the title: "Confessions of an Introvert" - sometimes the amazon link will take you to other similar (but not nearly as cool) books. Go ahead and buy those too, just make sure "Confessions of and Introvert" is in your shopping cart.***

More later - perhaps!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Confessions of an Introvert - NOW AVAILABLE

You can now order your copy of Confessions of an Introvert at:

Confessions of an Introvert is an invaluable resource for young professionals looking to take the world by storm but overwhelmed at the thought of walking out their front door.

Book Description
Advance praise for Confessions of an Introvert—

“Funny and insightful, Meghan has written a true resource for any introvert seeking to break out of their shell and step into the spotlight.”— Dr. Ivan Misner, founder and CEO of Business Network International

Author Meghan Wier gives her unique take on coping and succeeding in an extrovert’s world with the innovative Confessions of an Introvert. This honest and often hilarious portrayal of life and business through an introvert’s eyes provides inspiration, tips, and motivation for breaking through and finding success.
Jam-packed with valuable insights and personal anecdotes, Confessions of an Introvert shows:

*Why business networking is key to professional growth and business success
*How we can have it all...Just not all at the same time
*That a little “self-promotion” can make others finally realize how good you are
*That being an introvert is part of who you are, but not a roadblock to success

Confessions of an Introvert is a must-read for any introvert seeking to excel in business and get the most out of life.

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