Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I am in "training" for this duathalon in 2 weeks. I ran today. Ran farther than I have ever run before. Ran slow. But ran. It is a good day. I am driven to get this done--serially obsessed that I am.

Got a massage today. That is good too. That is probably why I ran so far... the massage therapist will like to hear that.

Still blogging about Henrietta for the Democrat and Chronicle weekly. Some good stuff this past week about Web privacy - and lack there of.

In the process of getting The Business X Team event up and running. That is a couple days before the race, so everything is coming together at once as always.

Glad to be going to NYC this weekend. Off to see a show and eat some good food.

Lots and lots going on, but I was reminded that I hadn't updated this blog in a while...mostly because of all this running and such I'm sleeping at night like normal people. So there you go...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Breaking Balls

A new friend of mine is directing a movie here in Rochester this summer and he is looking for extras and investors - heck - for as little as $5 you could get your name in the credits. A novel approach - a nice guy and a cool movie - check out the site and watch the teaser... I can't wait to see it and I hope that you can help him out with a donation or

Posting 101

According to Blogger this is my 101st posting in this Blog. That means I rambled on A LOT about things that are mostly useless and for that I am sorry.

To the 2.3 people per day that stumble across this blog a day: you should know that I have continued running... poorly, but I have now been working out every day (except 1) for 2 weeks.

I am lucky I havent seriously hurt myself. Next step is to get a bike and see what damage I can do to myself on that.

I am insane. Serially obsessed... and on the upside... sleeping much better.

On work stuff, I have my BNI presentation on Friday - and then on June 9th I have a seminar thing I am doing with Kent and Bruce... THE BUSINESS X TEAM - should be great fun and a ton of great information. - Let me know if you want more info.