Friday, July 06, 2007


the crazy neighbors are still setting off fireworks. the 4 of july was over 2 days ago.

the south...

SEO and the back patio -- a poem---of sorts.

sitting on the back patio. 78 degrees. chilly. it is 9pm and it was over 90 today. hot and muggy, the kind of day where you seek reasons to stay inside. or in the car. i did both. but now find the waning sunlight and cricket / locust / cicada hum hum humming intoxicating.

i should just write a book about seo. of course in a way i already did and it was only 20 pages long and i believe still posted on my website, free to anyone who wishes to peruse it. free. no charge. and likely out-of-date. the problem is i would not be able to update it in time to actually sell it prior to it going out-of-date. again.

introversion wont go out-of-date... perhaps out of style. but not out of date.

sun. nearly. gone.

crazy lady on her laptop in the backyard again. type. type. typing.

crazy lady and her seo.

perhaps, but i am the one with the lovely new patio. the hot tub. the work-from-home job and the ever expanding network of.... of....of....well expanding network of people. friends even. luckily. expanding a network is like better seo. it is in fact-- seo. in a way. in the way that i understand and will share with you. perhaps. perhaps on the patio.

if you cared. which you don't.

but that is ok. the hot tub is still reason enough to visit.

crazy lady and her seo on the patio.

now in the moonlight.