Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Full Day in Meg-land.

Today was one of those day where I did a lot--house stuff, personal stuff, friend stuff, family stuff. No real work stuff yet, but it still could happen... maybe. I seem like I have been trying to sit down and get work stuff done all day, and it it just not happening.

The one personal thing that I did not do was my morning papers/blog. I woke up early enough to do it, but instead used the time to do laundry and last night's dishes and vacuum. There is something therapeutic about that and so I can't be too hard on myself. It is sort-of like when you make your bed before you clean your room -- it just sets the tone. And you can't call your room clean without making the bed. So for me, I needed to deal with the physical clutter before I dealt w/ the mental stuff...And clearly there is a lot up there today!

So now the house is clean and I can blog (if that makes any sense...)

I need to polish up the BNI presentation on blogging for business tonight, but I am pretty happy about where I ended up with that.

Other work to do, including the book stuff is to catch up on my blogs. Some of that I can do tomorrow at a doctor's appt (gotta use that time in the waiting room for something) and between meetings.

But tonight I need to work on the couple local Charlotte blogs. I have a lot to get done, and I best be getting to it...but wait! Now I have to go give my kid a bath... ah, the best laid plans.

Perhaps I will make it back to the desk in a couple hours.


Meghan Wier
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