Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Yesterday was a good day...

Today isn't worth talking about.

So Let me tell you a little about yesterday. I talked to Prospect A, with whom I had met last week. He put me in touch w/ New Client B and New Client C. Sold them both yesterday from my cell phone while pacing in the conference room while my desk was being occupied... Love when that happens - Prospect A will likey become New Client A soon too. Love that.

Rest of the day was good - spent a lot of time on the phone... and new clients = more work. More work = more money, more money = happier meg.

happier meg = better world.

about that happy world:

I do need to revise my "google gods" statement. And so I decided to write the Google Gods a little note. Here is is, as I dont think anyone answers googlegods@google.com:


Dear Google Gods:

I do sincerely appreciate the page rank... I really do, besides my Main Blog, I have gained ranking on several of the other blogs, including an unusually high (but not undeserved, though premature) rank of 3 on the Networking as a Business Blog.

However, I cannot quite understand why you have reduced my page rank on my Web page from a high of 4 a couple weeks ago to a 2 now. Have I been sandboxed? Are my links in not good enough for you? Do I look like I am spamming you? (I swear, I am not spamming!) Is my domain name not registered long enough? Do you think I am a link farm? (I assure you I am not a link farm!) I just want to share with you some of the cool things happening in MEG WORLD.

Whatever I have done to offend you with my site I apologize. A PR of 2 un unsatisfactory. I know it is not pretty--to be honest it is more like a test site. I use it to see what things will work, to do a little self promotion, and to...well I used to, use it, just a little to help build page rank on some other sites. I mean - I am suppossed to be decent at this Search Engine Optimization thing! Did this upset you? I am sorry. I will unlink if you want. I just need a sign...GOOGLE GODS, give me a sign.

I can be reached via blog. Any of them.

Yours Truly,
SEO Girl

Here is the letter I wanted to write, but post here for your enjoyment:

You big jerk - stupid Google God, you think you are so cool... but you aren't. I am a real person, with a real message to share with the world. You keep changing the rules of the game... that hardly seems fair. But here is something you don't know...Google "god", I am smart... really smart, I learn every time you change something. I am watching you. I play nice, but I only let you think you are in winning! My curiosity and need to out-smart and out-wit you will push me to succeed; and it will push me to gain PR, no matter how many times you change the rules. So take that Google God - you are just an algorithm out there in cyberspace... - don't think you can get away with this! I will play your game... but I will play it better.

AND... I'm funny. You can't beat that. (Stupid Algorithm!)

SEO Girl


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