Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The cons of uber blogging

Alright - so if you have been paying attention, you know by now that I have a few blogs, and they are a bit more focused than this one, where I generally just babble. At least I try to keep them more focused...

Anyhow, I have been trying to kearn as much as I can about other people's success with blogging, especially in my areas of interest: blogging for networking, introverted bloggers, and blogging as an SEO tool.

The thing that is happening is that I am getting caught up in the voyeuristic nature of blogs. I keep reading about these people who are way more interesting than I am, funnier than I am... some are even weirder and more neurotic, any many are doing very similar things with their blogs and their businesses... etc.

So I am left feeling Normal. And a bit more interested in reading than writing.

at least there is a lot to read.

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