Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blog content vs links... want to get noticed?

I found a good blog article today that discusses Blog content, links and SEO. I thought I would share, it explains some of the "method to meg's madness" (another blog for another day... but really, I have a plan).


Obviously, the same applies to other Websites. That is: content and links, when used well and properly, will get you to the top of the search engines... of course a well-coded site goes a long way too!

Gaining Page Rank is more than just a hobby for me it is a passion... I am always searching for good quality information on SEO tips and techniques, please feel free to post great links and comments.

Meghan Wier

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Wayne Hurlbert said...

Thanks for linking to my blog post on links and content. As you say, it's important for blogs to have both, as they are interconnected. Links get higher search rankings, stronger Google PageRank, and more visitor traffic. Strong content attracts more links. Rinse and repeat. :-)