Thursday, July 14, 2005

Another Night

Great week from an RFP side - our Request a Propsal Page for the site is doing its job, bring in new prospects. - very cool. I love when things work the way the are supposed to.

Did get to a couple prospect meetings this week, as well as had a couple good prospect calls with out-of-towners...

- Now I just need to get myself geared up to write those proposals! Work is work (you can quote me on that).

BNI in the morning, looking forward to seeing the gang, although need to close up some lose ends on some prospects generated from the group. It amazes me how long the sales cycle is sometimes! Regardless, the networking along is valuable enough to get me to a meeting at 7am each week. They are great people.

Special thank you to Bruce McClellen who hooked me up w/ a very nice guy this week who was able to help me keep a promise to a friend... Bruce is a Business Coach for Action International. I now owe Bruce a beer and a bucket of balls, (not necessarily in that order). Same for Kelly Saucke who took the time this week to help me re-capture, (or is that discover) my athletic ability with a private golf lesson. Not ready to take over the world yet, but I now am in that special group of people that carry a golf glove around with them....

Actually a pretty athletic week ... went rock climbing AND went to the driving range...hmm, and they say I'm a computer geek....hmmm

If I may, a "shout out" (do they still say that???) to my 3.2 blog readers. Thank you for indulging me with your occassional interest.

- On the book, no new progress in the last couple days, however I am looking forward to a week at the cottage in August to finish polishing up the content.

SEO continues - need to finish recomendations ASAP and get those out to the customers...running a couple days behind. again.

Updates and Development continue this week for:


Must get the evening moving... BNI in 9 hours.

Meghan Wier
SEO Copywriter
Vice President, Business Development, BizNetix

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