Sunday, July 17, 2005


It facinates me to find out what motivates other people to start their own companies. As I work with other business people there are re-occurring themes of the usual: money, prestiege, popularity, power. But the ones that are most interesting are the ones that people don't talk about: survival, passion, need for excitement, despiration, the fact that they are utterly otherwise unemployable and therefore must be their own bosses....

I am of course motivated by each of those with the one exception of popularity. Honestly, not so interested in popularity. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad there are a couple people out there besides my mother that can get past my quirkiness and want to be my friends but I don't generally care too much if I am popular... do however want admiration, respect, and appreciation.

On the other motivating factors, I also want to include "making a difference"--and that is what I'd like to "ramble" on about tonight. It has always been my motivation to "make a difference", be it on a single person's day, or on the community. Often times I am able to make a difference through my job, supplying solutions to other business's problems. That is an awesome feeling. It is that feeling that motivates me to do more, be more, push harder, be better. I love to make other people aware that they can have success... and motivate them to go after it!

I met with two gentlemen the other day - they have a small business out of a small town near Rochester. They are doing some cutting edge stuff, selling alternative energy products. They are doing ok... but nothing that is enabling either one of them to quit their "day jobs". For them the motivation is entreprenurial freedom, financial freedom, and... perhaps a little "saving the world".

I am hoping to be able to help them out a bit with some connections, maybe a little funding - of course some Web updates (done in stages to fit their budget) and give them a little motivation too.

The one guy had met with another "Sales Person" awhile back and he said "boy, you sure aren't like that other guy, you are way more flexible and willing to work with us" to which I said "that is because he was a good sales person trying to make a sale, I am a good business person trying to develop a partnership". He smiled, and told me it showed. He was so pumped up after leaving the meeting that he nearly skipped down the street. That makes me happy, and it is that which motivates me to go out there and work day and night to be that person for the other great businesses out there that need motivation... (and a Web site of course!)

Meghan Wier
Recharged after 11 hours of almost uninterrupted slumber the previous night...Weekends Rock.

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