Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Blogging for cash

I have been reading a lot about how to use blogging for business, and even started a new blog on the subject. But beyond the whole "driving traffic", "gaining recognition" blah blah... stuff that I am always talking about I have decided to take it to a more basic level.

I have found blogs where people sell things, post advertisements, request donantions... which is all great - but how about blogging for money. Actually blogging for money...

Hey, I can do that, I think to myself. I have plenty to say, I can "link" and "alt" and "keyphrase density" with the best of them.


No one has the time to blog all day - but you want to have a blog to relate to your customers, keep grandma up-todate and drive traffic to your "real site" Meg will write your blog about your tech company, your favorite movies, or your life as a world-famous runway model--whatever!
For $100/hour, your blog will be written in this same rambling psudo witty prose, with appropriate links and targeted keyphrases carefully--craftfully woven in.

Send payments to PAYPAL - First time customers are subject to a 5 hour minimum for blog set up and initial postings.

ok - just kidding.

Well, unless someone sends money.


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