Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A note on pet peeves

Admittedly, I am a bit high maintenance. I didn't used to be, I evolved into this--with the demands of the business, motherhood, life (--blogging...) I need things to go my way when they need to go my way.

That is not to say that when it needs to go your way, I might not bend a bit.. I will. I can be pretty accomodating. Especially if you are a client. Good clients get accomodated all the time.

However, I still have a lingering pet peeve. No matter who you are: client, prospect, family, friend of 15 years...If we have arranged to meet at a certain not be late.

Now, traffic happens. Life gets crazy. 5, 10 minutes, more if you call.... IF YOU CALL.... I can be very accomodationg, and understanding.

But, if there is no family call to tell me you are on you way... Then that will serously piss me off.

just so you know.


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clanlally said...

MY REFRIGERATOR BROKE! Food was spoling. 10 kinds of mustard (I do not kid) were going bad! 5,000 freeze pops were melting!

Wait...I emailed. Sorry. Moment of panic. I actually couldn't agree more. I take it further though. Do not be late for an interview with me. EVER. I dont care if terrorists blow up the can of worms. Do NOT be late. Not only will you not get the interview, I will also tell every hiring manager that I know that you have no respect.