Tuesday, July 26, 2005

uh oh!

"Uh Oh, they are reading the blog..."
---"what did you expect to happen?"
"I dunno. I guess I wanted them to read it."
---"Alright, so what's your problem?"
"Uhhh, I guess there is no problem. I just didn't really think they would"
---"Well, they are. So what are you going to do now?"
"I suppose I will have to be careful what I say, provide interesting reading, link well and often and always use my blog for good, and not evil"
---"you are such a geek"
"I know."

Ok, so by you know/Have you heard, that I am a natually very shy introverted person who has become a "forced extrovert" in order to propel my business, meet new people and better my community./?

This blog thing is scary for people like me....It is one thing to have a blog, (it is just a diary/notebook/running to-do list/place to shamelessly self-promote), but an entirely different thing to have a blog, write religiously in the blog, and then advertise said blog all over town and in email blasts to my distribution list.

(and to build additional blogs and do the same...)

This blog is essentially telling people to get to know me... WOW--is that scary! Remember I don't like attention!/secretly crave admiration/would rather hide under my desk than go to a networking event. But I have been monitoring the traffic on this and the other blogs and honestly there isn't an enormous amount, however I know a few people are reading, (although not commenting--ahem...) I know because nearly every day a new person says : "hey, I read your blog about...(insert witty post name)"

That is both flattering and, again...scary.

And hey, people aren't saying, "That was a GREAT blog about alt text", or "You are so funny/such a good writer/interesting/very smart!"

They say "I read your blog."


So thank you for reading. Thank you for linking to me from your blogs/sites/well-ranked news articles. I will try to be funnier/smarter/more interesting/topical/focused, in the future.

Meghan Wier
Blog Writer
Blog Maintainer
Blog Maniac

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