Sunday, June 19, 2005

Time Management, is it an Urban Legend?

Somehow...and I am not entirely sure how...the days are getting shorter. And I don't mean daylight vs. nightime, I mean the 24 hour day goes by faster.

Now, back many months ago. Many. I was in the car listening to one of those CDs that tell you how to "live your dreams", "become irresistable", and "be wealthy". (That was when I actually had time to listen to books on CD in the car - now that time is reserved for conference calls, business coaching, and selling websites.)

The CD - (and I apologize to the dude whose CD that was for not appropriately citing my source) was all about time management - and how to be a success one had to "protect, prioritize and preserve" their time. Seems like a good idea right?

Well, in my quest to be everything to everyone, and of course "live my dreams, become irresitable and be wealthy" I have decided to protect, prioritize preserve.... and my own personal addition to the list..."delegate".

So someone...go make me a cup of tea!

Areas/topics of interest/stuff that needs to move off my "to-do" list today:

Blog maintenance - test and measure search engine optimization, Search Engine ranking and effectiveness of blogs. Note: "ramblings of an insomniac" made google (5th place) this week, keyphase : "meghan wier".

Hire Sales Assistant - determine compensation package, and job description

Add Testimonial - Add Aloi Materials testimonial to BizNetix Portfolio page and into News to boost page rank. ( "The professional team at Biznetix guided us through the website redesign from start to finish. We are very pleased with the look, feel, and optimization of the site." J.J. Cain, Aloi Materials Handling, Rochester, NY)

Update Calendar - update calendar and set next week, and week after prospect meetings

Update BizAdmin - Get CRM program up to date w/ recent customer and prospect contacts, add additional prospects, make first contact.

SEO Reports - update letter, recommendation letter, invoicing and reporting out to clients

Finish Book - Deadline approaching (August 1st) - send to Ivan Misner for review and quote.

... and the list continues - but I need to delegate the creation there-of, as I am perfecting the priotization, preservation and protection of my precious, ever dimishing, time.

Meghan Wier
Expert Redundency Expert
SEO writer
Neo Web Guru
VP, Business Development
Former Professional Carpenter
Beauty Pagent Semi-finalist

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