Wednesday, June 01, 2005

before the end of the day

I suppose it is possible that I will get to the end of the day - someday and be able to proudly announce that I completed everything I needed to do that day.

Today will not be that day.

I did have a few decent meetings - and made about a million phone calls - the majority of which I did not log is our super duper CRM application BIZTRAK. I will have to get those in in time for our Sales meeting on Thursday. - ah one more thing to do...

Topics of interest today:
Syracuse Basketball
Pay per click Campaigns
Search Keyword Research
Blogging for Business
Link Campaigns
Sales Compensation Plans

Ah, and chocolate companies and law firms... geez my life is interesting.

Tomorrow I will try to get some of those calls made, log them appropriately, and get some stuff checked off the list.

The list, by the way is actually a spiral notebook - a running list which is out of date, and in much need of some attention itself...

More later.


Meghan Wier
VP Business Development
SEO Specialist
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