Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday, Monday...

Monday. I actually like Mondays. On Mondays I am not THAT far behind - yet.

The Kidney Walk- went well - although I wish we could have done more than just exceeded our goal - I wanted to blow it away... but I just don't have the time. I am making an attempt to improve the efficiencies that I have integrated into life thus far, and add a few new ones. Besides trying to schedule meetings on the same side of town... sometimes I schedule them in the same place... Starbucks employees must think that is a bit strange, hanging out for hours meeting with different people... (but it is what it is).

Still working on that sales training manual- and getting some sales from the website, (your premier source for all of your materials handling needs!)

Topics this week:
Interviewing sales people.
Selling a few Web sites
Search Engine Optimization
Accounts Recievable
Unusal Childcare arrangements
Tickets to Denver
Aloi Materials Handling
Taking special care of some new clients and prospects
Business Networking
Arrange for Groomer
Develop ground-breaking plan for earning money while sleeping
Learn how to sleep
March of Dimes Board Meeting

More to come - check out these sites: ,,,

Meghan Wier
2005 Co-Chair, Kidney Walk of Upstate NY
Search Engine Optimization Specialist
Sales Manager
VP Business Development
etc., etc.

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