Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bloging and selling and bossing people around and stuff!

Looks like I have found myself a sales assistant finally! "The Dude", who has been with us for several months as intern/chief grunt/problem solver extraordinaire will be assisting me in selling our web site, SEO services, IT Services, and hosting. Very Cool - now I just have to get him up to speed!

...another neo web guru. Just what the world needs...

Also seeking some intervention from concierge and personal assistant company "Creators of Time". Who do just that.... create time. - I will take another weekend day please. They are a new Web hosting client... welcome to the family.

Got a little mention on the contact form is picking up speed. I love that. They are getting serious prospects from the site right on time. This is a great example of how a Web site can generate new business.


Had a great chat with my new friends from BCC software today. We will be doing some more SEO work for them. More on them later.

...Just heard on "Average Joe" that "Geek is Chique" - wow. who knew.

Created a new blog today for Blogging for Networking. I am going to be updating this regularly, and look forward to your comments as we explore how blogging can help us network--especially those of use who are socially challenged!

Which leads me to the Book: "Confessions of an Introvert-The Shy Girl's Guide to Reaching the Top". I will begin to start to take pre-orders at the end of the summer, so stay posted. (if you want to pre-order before that, email meghanwier@meghanwier.com. Also, under the advice of co-blogger Tom from Windsor I am going to start adding excerpts from the book to this, and some of the other Blogs.

until next time.

Meghan Wier
Chique Geek


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