Thursday, June 09, 2005

Another Week, meetings, headaches, work and friends...

Ok - so in the next couple days - I have to

  • Pick up a helium tank for Kidney Walk
  • Go to - and work at a fundraising event for 300-800 people - piece of cake
  • Send email to mascot to confirm Saturday
  • Finish collecting $1000 for the Kidney Foundation
  • Set up Groomer appt
  • Buy Plane Tickets to Denver
  • Go to BNI
  • Write a proposal for SE
  • Check out Webtrends to QR Services... (they have some new commercials out and I need to know if they are working)to drive traffic to the site
  • Make updates for
  • Follow up w/ WF - need content written to site
  • Follow up w/ a million other people - seriously... a million
  • Get research together for Coach - not telling you coach who... but we have a meeting Wednesday
  • Get ahold of Rose - He owes me lunch - and he has a huge event coming up...
  • Get a hold of JSG - need to get SEO pinned down on his site
  • manage the blogs! - all of them - and need to add one for networking 4 introverts!
  • SEO Reports
  • Manage biztrak
  • Hire Sales Person
  • Finish Internet Sales Training Manual

Better get to that... only 11 hours until Brighton's Best Meets..

(Thank you to a old friend this week who helped me out this week - you're perspective was, and always is greatly appreciated.)

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