Friday, June 03, 2005

Fast Forward

wheeee! I have to hang on the world is going by TOO FAST.

It is almost Friday and I a pile of to-do lists to show for it. I did have a bunch of great meetings this week - and talked to a few million people on the phone. I need a personal assistant.

Areas of interest on this fine sunny Rochester, NY day...

Rochester Machinery Supplers SEO
Soecialty Tools USA SEO
Still working on that book.... well thinking about it
Paperless - and less paper offices
Soccer leagues
Rochester Asthma
Gift Baskets
Hiring a good sales person
Personality Profiles
BNI - tomorrow meeting

Thanks to Jeff at Rochester Eye Center for his donation to the Kidney Walk...

phew - need to get things together - BNI meeting in less than 8 hours.

Meghan Wier
VP Business Development
SEO Specialist

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