Friday, June 10, 2005

Practicing What I Preach

I am writing a book - or at least I wrote half a book. The other half is waiting for me to come up for air....

Essentially, the premise is that introverted people, such as myself, have an interesting challenge in business... we have a harder time seeking recognition, asking for a raise, meeting and becoming close to our co-workers, and networking. Sales people and business owners in particular face several roadblocks to success if they aren't the out-going types.

(Those annoying "out-going types")

I am looking for stories and interesting additions to incorporate into my book. If you would like something considered for the book, the estimated publishing date is October 2005. If your piece is included, I will send you a copy of the book.. just send me an email at, or comment on the blog...

Meghan Wier


clanlally said...

Can you give us an idea of the kind of stories you are looking for? I need to be more focused or you will be subjected to innumberable variants of "Cinderella" that Erin keeps making me come up with. :)

Meghan Wier said...

Mike - thanks for asking - below is a brief outline:

Emerging from the Shadows
Strange Messengers
Reaching out and Reaching In
So am I an Introvert? (or just kinda shy?)
What Else is Holding you Back?
- Social Anxiety
- Getting out and Being On
- Forced Extrovert
Reaching Equilibrium (Realigning, Prioritizing, Balancing)
The Triumvirate of Success
What is your Business IQ?
Community Involvement
Business Networking
Self Promotion
Locating a Location (Where to meet...)
Tips - Master Networking
Invisible to Irresistable

- there are sub headings - but they are still rough on most chapters... I really need stories on "what works for you" as far as finding your comfort zone, working with certain types of people... really how knowing your strengths and limitations helps you to succeed - but truly any chapter that looks interesting can use a personal story or different perspective- because - really who wants to read my ramblings for hours on end?....thanks!