Monday, June 20, 2005

Ducks in a Row.


Sorry, couldn't help myself. The thing about not sleeping is that after a while I get punchy.

And on that note I am finally tired. Tired enough to probably sleep tonight... for those that keep track of those things - or care. And for the record I do nap - at least once a week, usually Saturday. So don't go calling the mental health people just yet, I think the rule is 48-72 hours before schizophrenia sets in...

Finally got to those SEO reports I have been lamenting about. Finally. There is a little work to be done still before I pass them on to the accountant for invoicing, but the good news is the clients are doing well, especially The Filter Store, Aloi Materials, and BCC Software. We have our revised process in place and I am looking forward to continued growth in not only the success of this program, but also in its growth. Search Engine Optimization is evolving very quickly - I am glad we get to work on the cutting edge - work and succeed. I like the succeeding part especially.

Also - looking forward to seeing more people take advantage of the FREE SEO REPORT on the BizNetix Website. This is a great tool, and an opprtunity to check a site's ranking on many popular search engines.

I have set up several great meetings this week, and hope to get a serious dent into the prospecting, client relations, reporting, doing, moving, managing and creating parts of my job.

I have made a little progress on THE BOOK. Hopefully a little trip to Denver in a couple weeks will give me a bit of time to refocus my attention.

well, as I said, I am one sleepy insomniac... so until next time,

Meghan Wier
SEO Specialist
Web content writer

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