Friday, June 24, 2005

what's that ride?

You know the one, at the amusement park where you stand against the inside wall and the ride spins and spins, and you stick to the wall and no matter how hard you try you can do anything but strain your neck just a little bit... and then the floor drops out.


Fun ride this week - full of fun people and problems solved. Equal amounts of not fun people and problems created - but at least...this week... it balanced out. (so far)

Anyone want to by a Website? We have gotten EVEN BETTER at integrating a content manager into a preexisting or in-development site. The app rocks, and it is so wasy to use. We have cut the install time nearly in half.

I am continuing to do SEO copywriting for some of our clients - and they are doing very well - we continue to see that good "search engine friendly" copy is key to optimization.

Adding to our service menu is IT Services. We have been doing this for a while - but haven't really marketed it. Chad the man is now for rent to remove viruses, set up email, network offices, etc, etc.

Not too much more to report - except the usual - check out all the blog and site links...


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