Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Outsourcing My Life

Ok - so I have been trying to figure out how to outsource my life - clearly the only way to get it all done is to have other people do it... I have already outsourced lawn care, and mowing. I have outsourced some child-care. Here is the other things I intend to look into outsourcing... as soon as I find someone to investigate the costs, and ROI.

Hair and Make-up
Laundry - doing, folding, putting away, keeping drawers organized
Grocery Shopping
Proposal Writing, Printing, Binding
BizNetix SEO
SEO for all my sites
Notes - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thank Yous
Reading Emails
Deleting Spam Emails
Writing To Do List
Prioritizing To Do List
Writing Sales Manual
Hiring Sales People
Training Sales People
Choosing Outfits
Doctor's Appointments
Scheduling Appointments
Cleaning the House
Writing My Book!!!


there is a lot more. But only a couple of those look like something I could get someone else to do - and most of them involve me trying to train someone how to do all the little crazy things I do. - Hardly seems worth it, but it has to happen.... or else it all won't get done... ooh there's an idea... um nope I can't do that :)

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