Thursday, August 04, 2005


It was a roller-coaster of a week. Some of the worst moments of my life happened during the last few days, and it really puts things into perspective. Shows you who your friends are, and arent, and why and why not.

This week was a prime example of how a human can exist, although not well, with little to no food or sleep.

This week makes me grateful for the real things, the important people and for life.

This week I am grateful for apologies from otherwise reasonable people who behaved liked morons, for good doctors, for old friends, for good friends (old and new), for those who care without looking to gain something from it, for the future and for the brilliant people who surround me, teach me, and give me strength.

I am also grateful for the client who called me this morning to tell me I was "a genius".

No desire to ramble on about blogs, SEO, great web design or being shy... none of that seems worth it today.

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