Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Keyphrase Density

Another important SEO factor…. Keyphrase Density

Keyphrase Density is the number of times your keyphrase (not key-words, but key-phrases) appear in the visible text on your Web site). The important thing to note here is that your site must contain the phrases for which you would like to be ranked well on the search engines.

duh? maybe, but you would be surprised bring me keyphrases they want top show up for and they don't mention them a single time on their site...

I recommend using these keyphrases on the homepage, as well as devoting a decent section or page to each phrase as well. However, most important, is that the page continue to read well to the visitor, and maintain the overall message of the site. Generally, I find that if the site is well written and focused, (***and the phrases are appropriate***), keyphrase density will happen (almost) automatically.

That said, here are some guidelines I like to follow:
1) Use the keyphrase at least 3 times on the page devoted to that topic
2) Use the keyphrase at least once on the homepage
3) Make sure that the keyphrase is in the metas and the title where appropriate
4) Utilize links throughout the site to direct people to that page

…and there is so much more, but I can’t give all my secrets away in one post. (But just type in "keyphrase density" into Google and you will find gobs of good info).

So go boost your keyphrase density – I promise it will make a big difference!


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