Monday, August 08, 2005

Introverts: the ones with all the money.

I came across a good article on Introverts today - I thought I would share... It had a cool title, (part of which I "borrowed" for the title of this post), "How to Market to Introverts (you know, the ones with all the money)", By Nancy R. Fenn. Good stuff, and a quick read.

It got me thinking about the phone, (you will understand if you read the article, see #9). I don't even like to order a pizza, let alone make small talk on the phone. (Interesting for someone whose main responsibility is sales...hmmmm?) This might surprise some people, because I do talk...when I have to or when I am talking to someone, or about something, I truly enjoy.

The best way to communicate with me? Email. I love email. Email is the best invention for the introvert. Quick, easy, psudo-personal without the need for the chit-chat. Even better for me is the documented fact that I spoke to you. I have so much going on, that I very often forget phone conversations, or pieces there-of. I mean no offense to those who get me on the phone, but I have a lot going on. If you get me on the phone I am probably driving, my son is probably (hopefully) asleep in the car, and I am talking to you while I have about a million things swirling in my head. Email keeps a record, allows me to sort, file, think about what I want to say before I say it... all that. Email is my lifeline, the equilizer, the tool that makes me able to compete with the yappy people of the world who love to talk, and make deals because they are "so friendly".

I am not friendly--but I can play a friendly person in email!

Unrelated Note (sort-of)
I cannot wait to go to the cottage on the lake this Saturday. I will be unreachable - even by email. I need that quiet, far-away place to re-group. Now more than ever before in my life I need to get away, respect my "introvert" self, and be alone.
Meghan Wier

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