Monday, August 29, 2005


Confessions of an Introvert has gone into the editing process! I think I am a month late on my orignial schedule - but that is ok, as long as I keep plugging. I have separated each of the 15 chapters into packets for 15 of my closest non-judgemental friends. From there it goes back for revisions and then on to the pros.

I also purchased The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney today... it should be an interesting read and might inspire something in the polishing of my book. We will see - and I'll keep you posted if there is something of note. (of course I will have to find a spare moment or two to read it...)

I have been seeing some success on getting the targeted keyphrases for my book to rank on the engines:

introverts - Google has my meghanwier site, 4introverts page ranked on the 3rd page. I am happy with this for now given the broad term.

confessions of an introvert - is ranked 5th on Google for "confessions of an introvert"

4 introverts - ranks #1 on Google

The other engines are pretty good as well, such as MSN has one of my blogs, ranked #5 for introverts and Yahoo has the Confessions Blog ranked #3 for "confessions of an introvert".

So - doing ok, need to keep working on it, adding to the other blogs and keeping things current. Hopefully the 28890 people who searched on "introvert" online last month will find the book interesting.


On another, mildly related note, here are a few of our latest SEO projects -

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- that's it for now - but I did want to share a little pic from my week at the lake to show you how wonderful it was.

- meg

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