Saturday, March 31, 2007

Email Email Email

I recently moved and lost my long-time email address:Meg@

Besides the sentimental value-- it was nice just to be meg@

I think I will be changing my email on things, forms, websites, blogs, cards, address books, online directories, etc. etc. for the rest of my natural life. Too bad there isnt a form like the post office has that just forwards and informs everyone.

--other news. Getting referrals from my site and blogs this week for web content writing. Means I should do more on all those, as they are now getting dated. But it is nice to see that I am still a powerhouse for phrases such as "seo rochester" despite the fact I have moved. (Sorry Biz) -- I will now work on the new market. Although still sending work as possible to the Biz folk. Least I can do since they haven't yet updated their website to refect my departure :) Cobbler's Shoes and all that.

SEO CHARLOTTE here I come.

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