Thursday, March 15, 2007

Introvert Seeking Others

For my upcoming book about Introverts and Relationships, I am asking for submissions from other Introverts about how they formed and maintained relationships with siblings, friends and co-workers. I have had several interesting submissions thus far and I am looking for more - so please write to me at

- On a personal note the baby still has chicken pox, my laptop power supply replacement is not coming until Tuesday, the furniture I bought to get over not being able to get the furniture I wanted is a week late, and I may never get the "little project" (aka the china cabinet) finished. Oh, and the dog has fleas.

But the weather is nice. I bought a peach tree today, and my car is now officially registered in SC (Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places).

--A pretty good day.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your son, that's a rude welcome to SC. It must be going around, they were just talking about it on the local news last night, how the chicken pox vaccine is no guarantee that one won't still get it. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Meghan Wier said...

Thanks! He is healing up a bit:) I can almost take him out in public now!