Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Things I have learned this week...

1) They call the place I live "The Carolinas." Apparently there is no need for differentiation between North and South. Which made me think about the Dakotas and the Virginas--which I have never heard referred to in this manner, but since I am from the Carolinas now, I suppose I will have to investigate this lest I commit a faux pas with them ("dem"?) Dakoda-ins.

2) I learned how to spell "Faux Pas" - had to look it up for #1

3) A child who has been vaccinated against chicken pox can still get chicken pox.

4) If you accidentally splash the toxic chemical used for stripping furniture in your eye, it will not melt the eye ball (which is what I had feared), However, it stings. A lot.

5) Xylitol really is a miracle cure.

6) Attempting to complete an iron-man length training schedule over the course of a month is hard. And for me, seemingly impossible.

7) In Charlotte North Carolina gas is $2.41/gal. At the station just South of the border the gas is $2.38/gallon. Across the street from that station gas is $2.28/gallon. I still don't know why two stations across the street have a 10 cent difference, but I suppose it doesn't matter. I buy my gas at the cheaper place with everyone else in town.

8) Not working is hard work. Not working is expensive and trying to get work done while one is not working is hard.

- So I best be getting back to work.

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