Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Introvert and the art of the complaint

It seems that I had to do a lot of complaining lately. I hate complaining - at least when it comes to strangers. I can complain all day to the people I know--but to strangers. It is just uncomfortable.

However, I suppose that in complaining one does get to know more people... making them, in a sense, no longer strangers.

Here is a list of people with whom I am now better aquainted:
Sears auto repair dude (Mark)
Sears auto repair manager (Jim)
Builder Warranty Guy (Donny)
Builder Window Warranty Lady (Annie)
Target Customer Service Dude (Brian)
Target Customer Service Manager (Rob)
Target Third Party Shipping Company Lady (Name not shared...but I still feel like we bonded)
Target Third Party Shipping Company Delivery Guy (Joe)
Ebay Seller who gave me the wrong adapter

--- there are more. Can't possible remember all the great people I have had the pleasure of getting to know better this week. is still nice. House is wonderful. Computer back up and running, car fixed, card refunded 20% of new loveseat for "annoyance," window being fixed monday.

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