Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Business Blogging

I am getting ready to send out my business blogging post-cards to businesses here in Charlotte, and I hope to pick up a couple more clients in the next few weeks while balancing my current work load.

Things in the blogging business are good. Although it is interesting how things have changed in the last year. Blogs have probably reached their peak--with those who are going to create them having done so. In a year's time I predict we will have moved into the next craze--at least from a personal writing standpoint. I do think that blogging for business will grow however as more and more people see the benefits of an archivable and easily searchable resource for things like news, frequently asked questions, etc.

A couple years ago I met a woman who was setting up blogs - and "blog strategies" for clients and asked to partner with a Web company I was working at. I remember thinking that she would never make money doing that- and I mistakenly was under the impression that blogs were nothing but a fad for teens to blather on about their angst. --Now they are for that too, but a blog can be an extension of a corporate site, a tool for information sharing and prospecting and organizing.

Here are a couple thing one should know about blogging... If you are using a blog creator such as blogger, you do not own the code. The information that you post is yours but it sits on a server and in code that is not yours. It could go away at any time. If this content is valuable to you, save it. Cut and paste it into a .doc or have the posts get emailed to you (and save those). While Google's Blogger and the other free Blog sites are probably not going anywhere, it is better to be save than sorry.

Also, it is important to understand linking. Who you link to and who links to you will set up your blog and the sites that it is connected to for possible heavy traffic. You may be forever connected. While this is a remarkable tool for those of us looking to create "webs" of information and build credibility with the SE's, it is important to track where the links to your site are coming from and carefully link out. In order for a blog to generate higher PR and traffic, it must link to the parent or corporate site.

--on a personal note, Charlotte is lovely. But the weather-people don't know much about bad weather! We had a forecast of cold wet weather today. Now admittedly it was overcast some of the day - but the temp was between 66 and 70. Perfectly acceptable for March! Tomorrow they say it will be "much nicer" -- mid 70s. It is all good. Kid is feeling better, dog's problem has been resolved and besides the house-work that is piling up, things are decent. I even got my SC liscense yesterday (although it took 2 trips to Lancaster...long story). Also happy to let you know I am working on a blog for Team Events in NY - Ask the Party Planner. Want to plan an event in NY/NJ? I know who to talk to!

Thanks to all who check in and read this little blog. I look forward to hearing from you all.



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