Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A dose of Meg

I am enjoying a few minutes of peace and quiet as the house is uncharacteristically devoid of other people... ahhh. Also since my email box is so jam-packed - it is taking absolutely forever to do anything in there (including deleting old emails) and so in between the spring-cleaning, I thought I would catch things up here.

I have been doing some more web writing, and I am pretty busy with that--and glad that I have a consistant pipeline of work. Also, I have the doing a refinishing project that is literally sucking the life out of me... Besides that and regular trips to Monkey Joes, I have been neglecting my duathlon training. Perhaps I will get a few minutes tonight to get on the bike. Perhaps I will have to take up insomnia again.

Looking forward to meeting McKenzie - who should make an appearance in the next couple weeks. Boston should be fun - trying to balance a 3-year old in a strange city while visiting with my sis and family of undertermined demographic. Hopefully the weather will be nice. I am becoming a wimp down here in sunny SC.

Thing a lot of VT - past, present and future students. My thoughts are with you - be strong.

Sadly my phone is busted, and so I have ordered another - I should have contact with the outside world re-established by beginning of next week.


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