Friday, November 17, 2006


Went to the gym yesterday and I must have done a good job... my arms ache! This getting in shape thing is rough.

Did the museum thing today with Nate--good times. (Until we had to leave!)

Still examining the coaching career option. I am liking it more and more, as long as I can get the right $ for it. Not making any rash decisions though. I am going to do some more work with Ellie, and that will keep me busy at least in the short run.

The holidays are fast approaching and for the first time ever I wont be at my parent's house or Jas' parent's house for the holiday. Makes me really sad. Guess I'll have to learn what to do with a turkey...

Started the re-design process on my website. I should have an idea of what it will look like after Thanksgiving.

Well I best be going so I can do my new mouth wash, brush, listerine, ACT routine. Healthy teeth = healthy Meg...

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Anonymous said...

This will be a strange holiday all around. Your mother plans making bread with you tomorrow. Imagine - a holiday on which I have not done the baking or cooking - transisitons ... I think I understand how hard it was for my mother to hand the holiday over to to us.

A reminder - you have a standing invitation with Sue and Tim. If you decide to do your own turkey, it really is quite easy, elegant, and fun. If there are only you three, you might look into roasting a turkey breast rather than a whole bird. Invite friends and strangers to the meal. Enjoy them. The food will be great no matter what. Have fun with it.

Dad McP