Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I found a place in Charlotte where I can skydive. I hope that I can go. I have been wanting to do that for such a long time. The tandem jump seems perfect for me. Three hours. Easy - and fun. If not this time, then maybe next.

I have been getting the log of this site and it says that I have 6-10 people who look at this site each day! (Hi Mom). So for all of you actual people, (not spiders, etc.) I apologize for this site being so boring as late.

And with that I thought I would talk a little about the blogosphere. Such an interesting place this blog-world where randon people can blabber on about the meaningless bits and pieces of their lives. More interesting is that these blogs are read by strangers.

I received a comment off my 90 days blog today that I found really funny. The anonymous commenter (commentor?) thought that is was a contradiction that a self-proclaimed "introvert" would be so open about their life and post it on the internet. It made me think about things a bit, but essentially it didn't change my mind any about blogging. I am very careful to avoid talking about too many personal things--or at least personal things that I wouldn't want the public to see/read. You won't find any pictures of any crazy drunken nights... I don't have any (that I know of) and if I did, the blogosphere--and the internet in general is not the place for them. I may want to work for someone again...Also I rarely mention my family. I have been called on this by certain members of my family - and even friends who wonder why I don't talk about them. Here is the deal there... they did not ask to have their names/lifes/pictures/personal information posted on the WWW. I choose this place where anyone who has read enough knows my preferred shoe type and favorite beverage. But they do not. It would not be fair to talk about those without their knowledge or permission. Again - they too may want to work for someone--they do not need to be easily Googled unless they want to be.

I tend to discuss matters of business (blogging, web, networking) or personal interest (introverts) or about my book or other projects. And I talk about the mundane. The mundane I discuss because I don't expect that anyone except my family cares -- so the rest of you just skip over it (go ahead--I'm fine with it) and because as a writer, clearing my head of the grocery list, and the to-do list, and the messy thoughts about bad luck, or toxic situations helps me focus when I do write coherently.

As an Introvert I still can hide here - you can't see me - (haha)

Yes, Im an Introvert.

So I thank you for hanging with me as I clear my brain for the reboot.


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