Friday, November 03, 2006

Henrietta Blogger no longer

Hello Folks - I wanted to give you all quick update. I will no longer be blogging for the Rochester D and C - Henrietta Blog. They recently decided that they weren't going to pay the community bloggers, (which I think is a bad business move--for a ton of reasons, but they didnt ask me) and despite the fact that I was interested in continuing, I had a few questions. Specifically, I wanted to know who owned the Henrietta Blog content. As a writer, what I write is my intellectual property - and unless someone pays me to "own" it, I feel I have the right to sell or reproduce that text. (Not that I have some master plan--I just wanted clarification)

They said they would send the agreement - I never saw it. I assume they never meant for me to have it, because I got a call today.

Apparently the questions were too much for the D and C - they got concerned, and could not answer them. Or they chose not to. The whole thing is rotten. They did not cancel the blogs, in fact they are expanding them--just without me.

Big bummer, and I think it sets them up to have some trouble down the road. I will miss writing to the Henrietta resident. It was a lot of fun.

Anyway - maybe you will see me a little more here.

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