Monday, March 17, 2008


It was a rather productive day and I have to say that it is great part to my new friend and success guru Pete McGourty and his suggestion to brain-dump first thing in the morning with three pages of whatever the heck (Pete would wish that I refrain from using the word "hell"...) is going on in there. Somehow spending 45 minutes blurting out my thoughts on paper is gaining me efficiency. That said, this forum is sort-of the same thing, only I don't have Mr. McGourty of Expect Success checking in on me to see if I "blogged." Although perhaps he will now...

Got the car checked, picked up dry cleaning, went to the gym, took walk in the sunshine, played with my kid, got the grocery shopping done, made more lists of things to do tomorrow-- (like move the appt on thurs and buy said kid his soccer gear for the practice which is... you guessed it: thursday).

I am happy to report that Team Events has launched their new site thanks to the artistry and programming mastery of the talented Carrie Greno. The site is for their new Jump - bounce play party extravaganza in Long Island NY. Check that out! If I am fortunate enough to get my self in gear tomorrow, I will see what I can do to add some text to that site so those of you interested in bounce parties in the NY Long Island area will be able to find it. Beautiful site - kudos to all there.

Today I am glad I don't have $ in the stock market. Well not true -- I am glad I don't have $ I need to take out right now in the stock market. Because I "had" money in the stock market....sigh.

The good people at the GoodYear did a quick diagnostic on my car and gently pointed out that I didn't tighted the gas cap enough - causing the engine light to go on... but I guess they took pity on me and the unimaginable amount of $4/gal gas that evaporated , that they let me go without charging me for the test. THANK YOU GOODYEAR OF FORT MILL. You undoubtedly will see my old car again (and again) over the next few years as I baby it long enough for the auto industry to come out with the perfect affordable electric/solar/wind powered car.

Thanks also to the Lowes Food in Ballantyne - and apologies to the lady behind me in line as I used all 20 coupons allowed and saved $58. I am cheap, and I am sorry that inconvenienced you. Actually I am not that cheap - I just like a good challenge and grocery shopping is a sport. You would not believe the shopper's high I have right now... and that is indication of a serious problem. Don't get me started on what I can do in a Target...

Some other things to note: 5 Star Home Improvement, is an awesome home Improvement, (and replacement window, siding and roofing) company in Rochester. They are my Rochester PICK OF THE WEEK. Go check out that site. As spring comes around the corner, it is important to have a quality and professional contractor to work with on those honey-do projects. I recommend Five Star - and tell Jason I sent you there!

Well, I best be going, because in two minutes I will have to start thinking about writing my morning papers, and I have a feeling I will not be nearly as productive tomorrow if I don't get some sleep.

Happy St Patricks Day -- and Happy Birthday to Jane

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