Sunday, March 30, 2008

Business Blogging, Writing All Day, and Movies from the 90's

(for 200 Alex...)

I had a busy weekend, and surprisingly I did not take my usual Sunday nap. I am a firm believer in the theory that you can make up for not sleeping during the week, by sleeping on the weekends. I am sure there are actual doctors with fancy degrees who would tell you otherwise, but I am totally ok with thinking I can make up for my bad sleeping habits with a good nap every 6 or 7 days.

--except today.

Today I went to the gym, did breakfast with the family, signed up to go horse back riding at the Ann Springs Greenway, watched a few old movies (Bruce Willis marathon...) and wrote. And wrote. And wrote. In act, as you will note I am still writing... odd. Actually today I have been trying to get some of my past blogs updated with some good meaningful content. I have a ton of great stories to tell, and business networking advice to share and I needed to get that out to those of you who are hungry for it. Besides, blogging is good for business -- especially when you are a business blogger....

Well, I have neglected to do my morning papers today. Perhaps my excessive writing about writing will suffice for the day.

Busy week coming up with a lot of funfilled activities and networking. I am hoping that I can get some good writing in this week as well. My blogs are in a sorry state and I have to make sure that my clients don't go ignored while I am networking and horse-back riding!

- On that note, I always tell my business blogging clients not to ramble and I have come to that point where I started on a ramble and I am ending on one as well. -- So if you are looking for something a touch more coherent -- check out the Blogging for Business blog.

Meghan Wier
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