Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Charlotte, NC

Where am I? I get asked that all the time. It seems that no one is really sure where I live.

Specifically -- I live in Indian Land, near Fort Mill, in South Carolina, near Charlotte North Carolina. It is a place in between and sort-of and nearby. But it is a beautiful, thriving, growing place.

I have been trying to get all my friends to move here. I know it is not likely -- but I want to share with them the happiness I have had since I moved here. Now some of it is the location, and some of it is the "change of scenery" -- but this is a really special part of the world.

I am trying to put together a Charlotte Community information page on my site -- so I am soliciting ideas. Feel free to comment on great places and businesses in Charlotte (and vicinity) and let me know what you think!

-- on a personal note: it was a good day, albeit not as productive as yesterday, but then... how could it be!

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