Sunday, April 23, 2006


I am not overly malicious. I am actually a pretty nice person. But I have a need to share a little situation from today that got me a bit riled.

I sent out a bulk email today to my close friends and contacts. I don't really like doing it. It is too extroverted a thing to do, but true to my "living outside my comfort zone" philosophy I do it, mostly because in addition to being an introvert, I am a business person.

And I have a book to sell.

So I inadvertently sent this email out to someone who had made it onto my list after we had talked via email about out shared interest in Introvert Coaching. Last time I sent out an email she asked me to be removed from the list which I did. Well actually she sent me a request to be removed by sending a very vile picture to illustrate her point. Very vile.... too awful to describe. But she was removed from the list.

But this time I used my Outlook to compile a new list,since there were so many new people. And this "lady" was back on the mailing list. An honest mistake.

She sent me what I can only describe as a very hurtful email back. And she told me I was invading her "personal space" which is rediculous since she is just as much a public figure online as I am - and she repeatedly says to contact her all over her multiple websites, and I did not go to her house or call her on the phone, I sent her an email. An EMAIL. An email about my book and my life and - it was very benign.

Well she was nasty and threatening and franky if there is anything that I am besides an introvert and a good business person, it is a person who works every day with websites... and there is something that I don't like--really don't like. And that is people who use unethical means to get their sites ranked highly on the search engines. Especially when we compete for the same keyphrases, and ESPECIALLY after you have really upset me with a threatening email.

And so, in my passive aggressive way. I apologized to this crazy lady whose "personal space" I somehow invaded with my little note to my friends...and then reported her to Google for all that very naughty hidden text that I was ignoring graciously until now.

As she said... "Introverts are territorial".

(But really I am very nice)

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K said...

Bravo! Good for you... but then again, I have been known to be passive aggressive as well; hmm, family trait?

Keep up with the exercise Meghan. Have you considered boxing?