Saturday, April 15, 2006

Summer Plans

I have my summer plans - well, planned at least for the most part. The first trip of the season is actually tomorrow when I will be traveling to Boston to see my brother-in-law run the Boston Marathon and visit with my sisters.

The last week in April I'll be headed to Tampa, and then back again in July for another brother-in-law's wedding. BUT before then Ill be spending a week at the family cottage for a little quiet relaxation - and then at the end of the summer I have a week planned at a condo in North Carolina with my family. It should be a really nice summer, and hopefully it will also stay as busy as it has been at work so that I can afford to take all those breaks and pay for the airline tickets!

Lots of great things happening with the book and the D & C Blog... I'll keep you posted.

- meg

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