Saturday, December 24, 2005

great idea, poor implementation

I have been waiting for my new t-shirt for a very long time. I was so exited when it arrived the other day. I can't really explain it, because really it is just a plain t-shirt, but it was special because I was amused by the irony of it was--you see the t-shirt clearly states "introvert". And of course that is funny, because by definnition, the introvert is not likey to wear a shirt bringing attention to themself. Well, except me--and only because I can see the unique marketing opporunities in doing so, given my book, not because I actually want people to see me wearing an "introvert" shirt.

So the shirt arrived and a got myself right down to the mall, where I could get my picture taken in the photo booth--That was my next brilliant idea you see... to have my picture taken in a photobooth where I could good off and be silly, but within the security of a private booth. Then I could use the picture on my website, etc.

So I went and sat in that booth and I couldn't do it... I could just not relax. The pictures show a stiff, uncomfortable person in a silly t-shirt. Arg. The introversion strikes again...

I will try again after the holidays...


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