Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blogging at 10,000 feet

Ok – so actually I am a bit higher than that – but until they flash the details on the screen above my seat I won’t know. All I know is that at 10,000 feet I can use my laptop on the plane – and so I am.

Plane travel is such a strange thing. I have never actually been able to wrap my head around how planes actual fly. I mean I understand the math and physics of it… in theory, but the fact that it works is still pretty amazing. Even more amazing is that most airports now have wireless internet, (sometimes even free… except Atlanta today – those jerks…charging me for the Internet). I was able to get a fair amount of work done from the airports today. Emails, chatting with the folks at the office, research. It makes sense that so many people can now live wherever they wish and go wherever they wish without losing anything by being “on the road.” Technology rocks.

So I have been working out in my head is I would like to do seminars or classes, or coach introverts in business. It is a great niche – I am obviously qualified. The trick it how do you get people who are not naturally out-going to attend a seminar – or ask them to participate in a group coaching session. Of course it would be beneficial… however it is a bit of a conundrum. I wonder how that will work out.

I also need to start focusing on some promotional ideas for the book launch. I would have a launch party – but then how would I plan that. Throw a party for myself. Seems a bit too extroverted for me – especially given the book subject matter. I might have to employ my good friend Kelly… consummate extrovert – party planner extraordinaire… hm good idea. I could do a little party – invite my friends and perhaps the media. One or two people might show up. I could have books there to sign and sell. Lets see, what else. OOOH maybe I can get Stacy in on the mix – she will be around in January… those two ladies can make anything happen. It means I would have to buy some books – like maybe 100, maybe less, but wouldn’t want to run out. I will need food… hm. Ellie! I will have to do desserts… wonder what kind of discount I can get??? Wow, ok – I guess I need to go sell a couple Websites, and maybe ask Jackie how much the media center costs to rent. Also I should include Margaret in perhaps… since we should invite some clients. Yikes. I am busy J Also should make sure that the book is available by then.

Guess I have work to do. Plane rides are great places to brainstorm.

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mike said...

For what it is worth, I could review it and post it on diligentia. I could also submit to The CEO Refresher.