Saturday, May 14, 2005

A really nice Saturday Over All

Baby was good enough to sleep in until 6:30. Hung out with the little guy until 9:30 and then got ready to go help my mom out. Mom teaches EMTs, and today was the big "practical exam". Mom's company, C.E.R.T.S. trains an absolutely amazing amount of people in first aid, CPR, AED, and full classes like the EMTs from today. Mom is the best. Funny how you don't fully realize what your parents are until you are grown... mom's my hero.

... anyway went and helped out there for a couple hours and then came home and took a long nap while hubby took care of the kid. Great husband. Kid still cranky. Going through a separation anxiety phase... but that will soon enough be replaced with all the other phases, good and bad.

After the nap I made dinner. Long recognized for my "culinary"skills, I produced one of my famous beige meals.

Spent the evening as I spend most evenings... working. It is a good think I like working. I was able to get a lot done in our CRM program, BizTrak. The tool is really coming a long and it is helping us stay on track. John will be pleased that my "sales funnel" is so full. I even got a chance to send a bunch of follow up emails to my prospects.

Well, more later. I need to get back to my never-ending quest to be an SEO queen. - m

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